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Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Will Smith Rewarded Duane Martin with a Bentley and a Sitcom

Will Smith seems to have paid top dollar for his secret sex affair with Duane Martin. Know why? Because sources say back in 2003, the “Fresh Prince” star purchased a luxury Bentley for his fellow low-down brother, before creating the television show “All Of Us”. Don’t believe me.. Ask Lisa Raye.
Here’s what an insider told me about the situation:

“Will purchased Duane a hard-top Bentley and later got Duane a television sitcom for being his lover. Them cats are like monkeys swinging on a tree, though Jada swings harder than Will.”

I chimed in and said, “I’m hearing there’s going to be a tidal wave of information about Will, heading to mainstream tabloids.”
My source replied:

“Will messed over so many people, ain’t no telling what you’re gonna hear! Will jerked music producers all his life…his trick is to get the music from the producer. The song will sell millions and Will won’t pay, he’ll drag it through court and the producer often ends up settling out of court for pocket change. Will does that all the time. Do you know how many Nicca’s are mad at this dude?”

Does Jacky Jasper have a cupboard full of tea, branded ‘Will Smith’? Of course I do. Don’t believe me.. Ask Will’s alcoholic father Willard Christopher Smith Sr.

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