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Friday, April 6, 2012

well he might couldnt afford it

HSK Exclusive - The streets have dubbed Tyrese Gibson to be a man whose NOT of his word.

Sources say people in Watts, California chastised Tyrese after the singer/actor took to the television cameras to welch on a deal he made with high school teacher Reggie, promising to purchase a van for the students at Locke High School. It’s a promise which Tyrese took over two years to honor.
Here’s what was revealed to me:

“Tyrese went on the Oprah and made a big deal out of helping his old high school (Locke High). We all saw him present Reggie with the keys to a new white van. They actually showed the van and presented the keys for the camera. As soon as the camera turned off, the van must have been returned.

The van was supposed to be used to drive the students around for various school programs. Reggie didn’t get the van, so, Reggie bought a van himself for the students.

After two years and a lot of negative talk about Tyrese in Watts, Reggie finally got a van…but since he had already bought one; he gave it to his sister Yolanda.”

Celebrities are like politicians. Know why? Because both celebrities and politicians use those in need for gain and to get ahead. Don’t you agree?

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