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Monday, April 9, 2012

whts in a name

As I research more and more, I am finding that more and more people are truly disgusted with this whole baby situation. People are going as far as to call the baby that fame built things like “blucifer” and the “antichrist”. Keep in mind that no matter what her parents are into, it’s not her fault.

LOL I heard that Solange went into cyberbully mode on Twitter saying that she’d had enough of the attacks, but like I tweeted her, it’s just Karma, or evil ass chickens coming back to roost.

Anyway, I happened across some pretty interesting information regarding the color blue and what it means in satanic circles.

BLUE - symbolized by the energies and influence of Jupiter [also, Sagittarius, Aquarius]. It is represented by the element of Fire and Water. In magic it can relate to learning, spirituality, idealism, achieving goals, and bring the focus on a spiritual goal or endeavour, or to bring luck to a situation

No doubt the baby is seen as a pawn in their game of success. Something they are hoping will stop the slipping of their careers evidenced by Beyta exposing her fake pregnancy to the world once her album flopped. Hov has also had his share of failures recently (Decoded anyone?).

Let’s dig a bit deeper..Blue Ivy was born on January 7th, maybe a week earlier, but even still she would still be considered a Capricorn ( Dec 22-Jan 19) We all know that Capricorn is a Sun Sign ( sun god ) and is represented by the goat, who is also known as Baphomet is the Sabbatic Goat, and duality of male and female, which is probably why so many satanists indulge in bisexuality

You know, whether Blue Ivy was conceived in a petrie dish, carried by a surrogate or whatever, the sad thing is this child is doomed before she even gets a chance to begin. This child will be abused almost from the start, and will never have a true connection with anyone but her abusers. How sad. Pray for her.

amen sister

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