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Monday, April 23, 2012

Why is Sanaa Lathan Single at 40? by Jacky Jasper Send this Story to a Friend

She may have starred in “Love & Basketball”, but that doesn’t mean Saana Lathan has ‘love’ in the basket. Insiders say that’ because the 40-year-old actress is a bossy woman who clearly demands wearing the pants in her relationships — and her men ain’t havin’ it! Don’t believe me.. Ask Steve Rifkind. Here’s the drop: “Sanaa’s upbringing made her the way she is now. Sanaa’s father spoiled her to death as a child. She has an ivy league education, and she’s also known as a BAP, Black American Princess. Sanaa’s single because men can’t take her nasty, controlling ways.” Sanaa Lathan is going to stay single if she continues to date men who are tricks. Don’t believe me.. Ask Omar Epps.

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