The Spook Who Sat By the Door The Spook Who Sat By the Door

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

wow jacky j

Today’s blind item is a 50-year-old journalist/lawyer/television talk show host, who was once a client of Marvet Britto, until she learned that Marvet was selling her clients out to the media…and guess what –like Marvet this weeks blind item also spread her legs in order to make it to the top. Don’t believe me.. Ask Vivica Fox.

Here’s the tea that was served to me about this week’s mystery lady:

“She slept with her professor to get ahead in law school, she’ll do anything to get ahead. She’s a man eater! When she was younger, she worked at McDonalds – and for extra hours she smashed the manager. Jacky, I know the !!!

Here’s some you won’t hear on “The View”…back in the day, she met a baseball player in Manhattan. They were dating for a hot minute. One day, she invited the baseball player and a group of his boys to her penthouse for a private party. When all six men arrived, our blind item was the only female there. She’s so thirsty and scandalous…she greeted the men at the door wearing nothing but a blood red teddy, exposing 385lbs of flesh! She smashed each and every one of them. Don’t believe me ask.. Rodney McCray.

She was moving up fast, so she needed a husband for her image…so she purchased a trained, educated man…and decided to become a beard. But, she had to get rid of her bisexual husband because he was starting to get costly.

Now that she’s lost all her weight, she can’t keep her paws off young men. Jacky, she only dates men half her age. She’s a straight freak!”

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