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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Dr Boyce Watkins recently wrote in an article supposing that non-blacks pay an extreme amount of money for Jay Z and Kanye West to call themselves “Nigga’s In Paris.” I’ll have to agree with the Professor Dr Boyce Watkins. Know why? Because every time I saw Jay Z and Kanye West perform their song “Nigga’s In Paris” it was always for a white audience (I guess that’s why Kanye got several BET nominations). Here’s what Dr Boyce Watkins had to say about Jay Z and Kanye’s buffoonery: “What’s most interesting about the throne that Jay-Z and Kanye are asking us to watch is that this throne is built on a bed of dollar bills built by non-black folks who pay these men to behave like coons. Were it not for all the white folks willing to pay for such buffoonery, these men would have no throne for the rest of us to watch. So, as I mentioned earlier, it pays to be a n*gga, because thrones are most easily built through extreme n*gga-ocity and white psuedo-validation… think they respect you, but their admiration is actually due to your willingness to help them experience a contrived black ghetto fantasy of negroes with big gold medallions, diamonds in their teeth, tattoos all over their bodies. Yes brother, you are a caricature. Congratulations on your award Kanye. Your mother the college professor would be proud. But then again, I don’t think she raised you to go in front of white people and call yourself a n*gga.” How you gonna tell white people, or anyone for that matter, to respect you when you call yourself a N, making songs about it? But will try to fight a white boy for agreeing with you? CSI: HSK | May 23rd, 2012 at 11:04 I concur totally. White folks have always financed our most destructive coons. I never bought an NWA record in my life. They did though. Theyre the ones who buy Eminem etc We weren’t entertaining ignorant hip hop on the east coast until around 95. After that it all went down hill. We were proud to be intelligent and with decent diction or clever slang. Thats why we used to laugh at most of the southern rappers with the uneducated accents and vocabulary. Our generation used to spend summer vacation in the south so when we came home we didn’t want to sound like them. Now you got New Yorkers riding southerners and Black teens voting Eminem the G.O.A.T. LOL. Ive heard some people ask what was wrong with liking Vanilla Ice. The reason Berry Gordys devil worshipping son is called LMFAO is because hes laughing at these idiots of the new generation who have spent money on him. He comes from a musical dynasty where he has no business disrepecting the ppl with that bs. He knows better so yes they all LOL@U&ur$. my photos lol
Yes! white people pay: Jay Z Kanye West Rihanna The Real Housewives of Atl Nicki Minaj Oprah Tyler Perry Christ Stokes P. Diddy We dont pay these people…White people pay their salaries and I venture to say 75% of rap CD’s are purchased by white teens… I’ll say that black people supprt Tyler Perry and such because we are just so thirsty to see ourselves on the big screen even if it is a homosexual black man dressing up like his grandmother…Thats how hungry we are…Still, we only comprise about 10% of this countries population so it is white folks who are these coons emplyers and target audience and yes sir, that INCLUDES THE POTUS.

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