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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hollywood’s Selling of Satan, Homosexuals & Occult TV

America’s Satanic Media, Deviant Sexual Chemical Altered People and U.S. Government Child Sex Slaves in Kentucky. If we go back to the 1960′s and 1970′s, we get to a time when the music industry and labels were heavy on pushing the worship of Satan. The United States of America, starting in about 1910, has been one big country that practices the worship of Satan. From the oil companies, who keep Lucifer cult items on hand in private rooms & do rituals before they spill tons of oil to destroy the environment, to the Evangelical Churches and all of these new Catholic and Protestant splinter religions which the U.S. seems to have hundreds and on into the music industry, the constant agenda of selling Satan appears to never end. Over 80% of Americans are followers of some form of occult practice(regardless on if they know it or not), so the United States can by no means be considered a Christian Nation, at least not if we look at the past 100 years of this nation. Even the current US Currency, issued by the Fed Reserve, is a Satanic Money Note. Pretty much, every rock group used to go through that Zodiac booking agency, and this Zodiac mess was nothing but a Satanic outfit & all of these rock groups from the 1960′s and 1970′s going into the 1980′s had one job duty and that was to push Satan and Satanic Values. The constant driving agenda of selling Satan, which some people may not believe in, all though the worship of Satan philosophies by elements of Hollywood is something very very real. Just down the street from where I live in West Hollywood, there is a big time music producer for some very big name artist and he has a Satanic Alter set up in his home, which happened to catch on fire last year after this idiot was trying to attach demons to some of his projects, by burning some candles. I will give you a hint, he did Britney Spears last CD. You remember the video where something exploded and she was under ground partying in a sewer? Yeah, the government tried to do that before an American military unit took out those bases and caused that huge Earth Quake, which went from DC all the way up into NY. You still think that this mess isnt real? Oh, its f real tches! Some of the most wicket and subliminal enhanced music was the rock genre and artist like Elvis or The Beatles. And it wasn’t just the music, but the record labels and artist themselves would perform black magic rituals after finishing a record in the studio and they would ask Satan to attach itself to each and every copy that a customer purchased and to follow that person home from the record shop. This is why American Society is such a virus, spreader of death and pollution across the world. These politicians, like Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Hillary Clinton and Obama all go and bow down at the Satan Sect, Billderberg, at which time they get cleared to advance in their careers and CNN, MSNBC and Fox News sells these people to the unsuspecting masses and idiots. Hal Turner, one of the biggest neo nazis and terrorist in the United States (even tried to kill judges), was an associate of Sean Hannity at Fox News, on top of Fox News being a Saudi Arab owned network, so none of this said by these media people is anything more than slick mind control. Everyone talks about rap music but rap music is nothing compared to the evils of these white groups. Rap music is in your face with the lyrics (very annoying lyrics) while many people play Jay-Z backwards and appear to hear “Kill Jesus”-well that’s not really what I am speaking about in terms of Satan & music. I am talking about certain groups where there are entire sentences of demonic incantations. Rap music is so harmless and childish compared to that the music industry used to put out. Helter Skelter, a Beatles Hit Song, is one of the oldest occult conjuring words, known to man. The Federal Reserve Symbols on the U.S. Dollar Bill are also demonic seals. Environmental Groups, Oil Companies, Hollywood, banking systems, The Federal Reserve are all one in the same. Many of the logos for oil companies are based off of demonic seals and even these American New Age Christian Churches like the Evangelical Sect were started by the Rothschild and Rockefellers, as a way to have people unknowingly worship Satan. The homosexuality that we see in America, is strictly coming from man made chemicals(BPA), which are deliberately being added to almost all of the plastic products which are sold in stores. But, the end game wasn’t homosexuality but instead it was trying to figure out a way to shrink brain size & make people more controllable, so that when the Government says jump off a bridge, the dummy populations would jump off that bridge. Look at how most homosexual men tend to have brains which are stunted and stuck, in the realm of an adolescent female. Look at Ted Haggard, the head of a major pimp-daddy Evangelical Church in Colorado, and what he was doing, with the crystal meth and male prostitute. Haggard wasn’t the exception because many of these bible thumping christians are in congregations led by men like Ted Haggard and Bishop Eddie Long in Atlanta, so deviant Christians are the rule of life in America. No one wants to hear that their lifestyle or brain isn’t from God or that they are basically walking toxic waste but most gay people are nothing but toxic waste dumps, who eat fast food constantly & are pretty much chemical enhanced and altered from birth due to the stupidity of their parents. Parents who have the audacity to try and disown their gay children should likely commit suicide for allowing the corporate Satan ruled government of the United States, to go on these massive dumping and lacing agendas in the 1980′s and 1990′s of a homosexuality causing neurotoxins chemical, BPA. Hollywood’s job is to come along and make one think that homosexuality, to the extremes which we now see it in 2011 America, is natural, which is why they have that He-She mixed thing (Chez Bono) on Dancing with the Stars. Yes, homosexuality has always existed but not to the point that you actually have men with the hard wiring of a female. So, you will see Time Warner-HBO and Warner Bros put out True Blood, with black characters like Lafayette (the drag queen drug addict homosexual) and with story lines of Satanic worship. This isn’t a coincidence. What these people have been trying to do, since the 1970′s was to destroy the second amendment gun ownership rights of Americans but they have always failed. So, when they got desperate you saw the rise of Hollywood pushed gang violence and rap music out of Los Angeles, complete with CIA produced films like “Boys in the Hood’ and this was to go along with the drug and gun running being orchestrated by the CIA and Bush Sr. Even today, we see Obama, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, ATF and Hillary Clinton busted in the gun running program, Fast & Furious, but Ca. GOP Congressman, D. Issa, is only going after Attorney General Eric Holder because they are all in on it and really are working for people that make a lot of money off of gun & drug running in Latin America. Now, when these people disarm Americans, expect Helter Skelter. Expect thugs from any number of these shadow government nazi groups, like TSA, to start coming into homes and raping 7 year old little girls, until their intestines come out through their vagina because that’s what they have planned & this is what the US Troops were doing in Iraq. This is exactly the evil that you will be dealing with if they get their way. Before these under ground bases got blown up last month, by a patriotic anti-CIA elite military unit (Air force back ground and not any silly Seal Team 6) in Washington DC, Denver, Nevada, California and Utah-these people are so deranged, that they even started stocking up on 9 year old Asian girls, to be kept as sex slaves in these under ground bunkers and where are these Asian girls as of now? They are all sitting in Kentucky. The CIA has been kidnapping little Asian girls, for the pleasure of their pedophile Bilderberg Rulers and relocating these girls into Kentucky. Just go to any Kentucky Hospital and ask one of those white Southern nurses how many Asian girls has she performed medical check outs on. Likely too many to even count. The reason why the Arab World calls America, “The Great Satan” is really because most of the symbols that are used by American Corporations and institutes are derived from Satanic Books, which are found in the Arab World’s Occult Teachings but these books are banned in America. So, if you are familiar with Satanism and you are outside of the United States and looking in, one can see the Satan Agenda from 5000 miles away. Satanism is entrenched in every aspect of American Culture. The job of corporate Hollywood and these corporate media outlets are to either hide reality or to try and make all of this shit look normal by selling Satan and other deviant lifestyle to kids, so that they grow up not knowing what is right and what is wrong. America is The Great Satan, and that’s all you have to know. SO DEAL WITH IT! DEAL WITH REALITY! Wrap your little stupid, puny, weak American chemical clouded minds around reality. So, go ahead and run you cowards. Go run to twitter, run to Facebook, run to your little “non violence” hippie protest, run to American Idol, run to your mommy, run to Fox News, run to your fake church with your drug addict child molesting minister, run to Obama but it wont change reality. You are weak! To be kicked around! To be altered! To be told how to act and what to do!

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