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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is LB3 Really Myra Panache? by Jacky Jasper

First of all interesting cup of tea for today. It was (just like all of your exclusives) worth the read. I wanted to let you know, since LB3 is in such a joking mood. I have some very interesting information for you. The one you see as LB3 on your comments board just happens to work for another blogsite. Which blogsite you may ask, well Im going to get to that. I don’t know if you seen it, but I commented on one of your articles it was the “Jamie Foxx & Tyrese Gibson Hire Henchmen to Attack Jacky Jasper!”. And I just so happened to get involved with an easy rebuttal with LB3 on that Jamie Foxx/Tyrese article. Well after LB3 asked me for my story, and when LB3 couldn’t keep up with the logistics and research, LB3 insulted me and did not finish the rebuttal. Instead I finished it for LB3. But I digress. So, fast forward two weeks later. I just happened to go on the to read some stories. Do you know what I saw Mr. Jasper? I saw my same story that I explained to LB3 on the My same story! The only difference was that LB3 (or lets be fair Myra Panache’s team member)kept the same storyline, but poorly re-worded it. I don’t know if you already know, but the Myra Panache report covers the same stories you do, AFTER you have shared them on your website. Also, I know that it was LB3 that “re-told” my story because LB3 was the only one who was interested in my story and then became “not interested” in it and then insulted me when LB3 could not win the rebuttal. So there you have it Mr. Jasper. Well, can I call you Jacky? I really do love your site because you stay honest and you keep it %100. So when I see people like LB3 on your site, its nothing more than pure satisfaction to me when I can expose ignorant, story borrowing, cretin’s such as LB3. Hey, I know everyone borrows stories and what not, but people like LB3 should be revealed. If you didn’t read the rebuttle between myself (Magic Mona 77) and LB3 here is the link: Just scroll down in the comments and you’ll see it from beginning to end. Also, if you go to the story will be in the archives. Well that is if they dont take it down after this.******* Thanks for the heads up! Is Myra Panache trolling HSK? I don’t know, but I’m not mad at Myra. Know why? Because sites like Panache Report, TMZ, Bossip and know all too well they’re serving up stale tea! This, while HSK is serving the sizzling hot tea, leaving them burned! Don’t believe me.. Ask Fred Mwangaguhunga. Anonymous Reply: May 10th, 2012 at 04:25 I used to serve good, hot tea to that heffa but I discovered not only is she a sock puppet (multiple personalities)…she would have fake-ass contests on her site, giving away …TO HER FAKE PERSONALITY. Gorgeous Sable, Paris Panache and all those other characters?? SOCK. PUPPETS. Bish didn’t know how to show appreciation for the good tea that I used to serve her. Blocking folks from posting and making folks jump through hoops to post. Then she got BUSTED with her SOCK PUPPETS. They made an Anti-Panache site! It was totally hilarious. I do go scroll and see who that sick, sad heffa jacked today. She hasn’t changed much. Yo Myra! Get your Dr. to lower the dosage on your meds!! woww the dark rebel | May 10th, 2012 at 04:28 BUT NONE OF THEM CAN WITH THE GREAT JACKY JASPER THE KING OF HOLLYWOOD.SO THAT DIKE B MYA PANACHE SHE USE TOO DO SOME TUNA LAPPING WITH HEATHER HUNTER.forget BOSSIP BECAUSE THEY SOUL OUT AND EVERYDAY ALL THEY DO IS TALK ABOUT PISS FACE KIM KARDDASHIAN.THERE ON HER PAY ROLL, MEDIA FAKE OUT IS RAN BY A UGY A AFRICAN FAGGOT BY THE NAME OF FRED.PLUS HIS WRITERS ARE A BUNCH OF COLOR STRUCK LIEING CRAZY NIGGA B S.THEY NEVER DISS WENDY TRANNY FAG HAG LOVING WILLIAMS.OR THAT NASTY CUM BUCKET STDS HAVE HOE TRINA. ALL THEY DO IS KISS THEM TWO STINKING A BLACK TCHES.SO PEACE TOO THE GREAT JACKY JASPER I LOOK UP TOO U LIKE U LOOK UP TO THE LATE GREAT IKE TURNER. well AKA | May 10th, 2012 at 06:21 Hmmm……IDK if those handles are two of Myra Panache’s personalities cuz I didn’t fk with her site that hard. Never commented either. I do however know one thing. Remember I told Jacky about Myra Panache & her bs site and the sudden mentions of PR in the comments. That tch crazy as a mutha I reiterate, that Myra has more personalities than Sybil. Anyone ever read her comments section for a laugh? Trust me, it’s hilarious. There are only one or two individual commenters & the rest are blatantly obvious multiples (translation = Myra’s personalities). Geriatric, washed up, tranny sounding fools FOH. Myra, do us all a favor & stay the out of this site. If we want to read your copy & paste, grammatically challenged mess you post we’ll go to your pathetic site. Do us another favor Myra & hold your breath waiting for us.

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