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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mary J Blige’s Employee Spills Tea About Her and Kendu’s Relationship

HSK Exclusive - A former employee of Mary J Blige has come forward to reveal how Mary J Blige and her current husband, Kendu, met and guess what–Our insider is also saying Kendu Isaacs is not only an opportunist, but he also used a mystical spiritual healer to tighten up his relationship with the nine time Grammy award winner . Ask Guru Dr Sebi. Here’s the sizzling Monday morning tea on how Mary J Blige met her husband Kendu Isaacs: “First let me say that women that sleep with married men make me sick to my stomach. Kendu Issacs was Mary’s road manager. This was after Puffy, Kc, and her management all took advantage of her. She was on the right path, but still very vulnerable. She’d never been able to get chose. She too had been passed around. After all the people she trusted with her career, and her body used and abused her she was left broken. No man, and almost no money she was a wreck. She hired Kirk Burrowes, her sister Latanya, and a few others and she was back working. Then along comes Kendu. The road manager, Kendu was married with two kids, and 1 on the way. Once he saw how gullible Mary was he went in for the kill. He started sleeping with her, telling her how beautiful she was, and poisoning her brain. He told her she had demons inside of her, and needed to get them out. He took her to Hondouras to the witch doctors Left Eye was visiting when she died. Once he had her all the way in, he left his wife. Then he convinced her to fire her entire staff including her sister who’d stuck by her through thick n thin. He finally became her manager, and hired his entire family, putting them on her payroll. What’s really sad is that Mary will always say, “God brought him to me”. How is that, when he was already someone else’s husband? How when he caused you to ruin relationships with friends and family that stuck by you at your lowest? How when you took those children’s daddy away for your own selfish reasons?” Is Dr Sebi also Eddie Murphy’s and Magic Johnson’s guru? Of course he is. Don’t believe me.. Ask Steven Seagal. comments Anonymous Reply: May 7th, 2012 at 13:22 ^^ no and the only reason you may feel that way is cause maybe you got something to hide!!! however, as soon as this blow up she gonna be blaming GOD for who this man was in her life,when it was her choice to let him in!! she is being paid back for the adultery she has committed with him,hurting his past wife !!!! so no wonder her career has suffered, people just dont believe in the spiritual laws of reaping what you sow. All of this is no secret. Everybody knows Kendu played Mary & cheated on his wife w/ her. He’s only w/ Mary cause she’s got money. Mary’s family tried to warn her about this guy & she cut ties w/ them for a while. Mary talks a good game about being a Christian and growing out of her old whoring, drugging, drinking ways but it’s not true. Mary is still a mess. I hope she had Kendu sign a prenup and has independent pros handling her money. If she’s not careful Kendu will do to her what Melba Moore’s husband did to Melba years ago. [Reply] Beyonce and Rhianna are both Eastern Stars. [Reply] pay me Reply: May 7th, 2012 at 15:17 and you are saying that to say what???? [Reply] Anonymous Reply: May 7th, 2012 at 15:53 That they are devils like Mary husband stealing, witchcraft practicing but, that’s what! Mary’s music is evil and she has so many stans that she thought she could pull off that laughable burger king commercial. [Reply] PinkKitty | May 7th, 2012 at 15:50 Mary J is also an Eastern Star. Anyhooo… I find it interesting that Mary us such a fool for men. Her “image” of being the homegirls from the projects and her pepetul role as victim to men are stark contradictions in terms. When she was molested as a child and later her father abandoned the family something broke inside Mary. She never got her self esteem back. She never recovered. She self medicated with sex drugs and alcohol and still never recovered any sense of self. At one point Mary allegedly slept with her sisters husband. This woman has no self worth what so ever. Kendu is a vulture. A predator of the worst kind. He abandoned his children for her, which proves that he is lower than scum. Spiritual advisor. Nope. Mary doesn’t need that. She needs a back one and a better pair of eyes! Tha fat ugly troll she calls a husband is no good. HSK now has a disturbing update, surrounding Mary J Blige, that the others site won’t tell you. Know why? Because they’re not on the streets mane! Mary J. Blige’s husband, Kendu, has been using the word of God to isolate Mary from her family members. This low-life has also moved all of his immediate family members into the home he shares with the noted ‘Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.’ What’s worse is HSK has learned that Mr. Isaacs has even moved his ex-wife into Mary J Blige’s house!!! WTF!?! This guy Kendu is a total douche bag, and the worst pimp of them all. Know why? Because he uses the bible to hold his prey down. When will Mary wake up? Can Busta Rhymes please send Mary some more HGH (aka Human Growth Hormones) so she can beat the out of Kendu!?! I would love to see this hypocrite, Kendu Isaacs, get his bible-thumping ass kicked by Mary J Blige some more. Won’t you like to see that?

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