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Sunday, May 13, 2012

method of injecting blacks with vaccines

The deranged and sociopath cult that runs Hollywood, Time Warner-CNN and companies like Halliburton are really big on killing children or flat out raping kids. After Hurricane Katrina aka US Army Corp man made flood disaster in lower La., we saw the gay & lesbian(The most deviant tokens for the New World Order) media, either promote child sex slaves in La. State or flat out cover it up, especially when it came to reporting or the lack of reporting on this issue by the NY Times and CNN’s Anderson Cooper. The only reason that Anderson Cooper has this show on tv is due to Roth, the head of Warner Television. Roth’s mother is a broker in NY, and she sold a home to my cousin plus she showed me my first home, when I was thinking of buying in NY State. A very nice lady, but none the less, these Hollywood “People” if you wanna call them that, are into promoting some very sick and racist shit. But what are these people into? Well, we recently saw the ACLU, which amounts to nothing but a bunch of gay & lesbian Nazi Jews, lobbying for the Gov of Ca. Jerry Brown, to push vaccines onto 12 year old kids in Ca. Public Schools without their parents having to know about this medical treatment. But will this vaccine, which has been proven to be dangerous, get injected into white kids in white areas of the state? Uhh….that would be a negative. Instead the ACLU, which is an organization, dominated by gay racist Jews, that even promotes the Ku Klux Klan in The Southern U.S., pushed for what looks like an over all mandate but in reality it is nothing more than a racist slight-of-hand trick to inject children with time released cancer vaccines, to ensure that the pharmaceutical companies, which funds the ACLU & the Ca. State Democrats, will have a bunch of black and latino kids growing up, only to discover that they have an auto-immune disease. This method of injecting blacks with vaccines has been a constant Eugenics agenda going back to at least the 1960′s in La. State. In 1960′s La. State, there were two very bad Hurricanes (Betsy and Camille) that called for the evacuation and closing down of Plaquemines Parish, South of New Orleans. Now, the corrupt and racist La. Officials, only allowed blacks to return into the Parish if they took a vaccine. The blacks of these small town river communities were taken into a make-shift clinic, located inside of a morgue in Bell Chase, La and injected with a toxic vaccine. Many of the black males died on the spot, just like the HPV Vaccine injections on little girls in Texas, and this is why these “vaccines” were issued at the morgue. Now, all of these decades later, we see Time Warner-CNN (Anderson Cooper) do massive promotion for a racist, right before elections in La. State, which pretty much handed an election to Billy Nungessor as the Parish President, No other candidate was allowed equal speaking time and we also saw the African America Hollywood Director, Spike Lee, put Billy Nungessor in an HBO series about the BP Oil Spill and portrayed this racist as a hero. So, what happened now that Hollywood Nazis have once again worked a racist agenda in The South by using their pathetic corporate owned sociopath media outlets? Well, Billy Nungessor has stopped black kids in Plaquemines Parish from attending schools with all sorts of red tape. Ya, see, ever since Time Warner-CNN, HBO, Spike Lee and Warner Bros-came into La. their nazism followed them like flies follows . Ya see these people dont stop & frankly I am about sick of this entire get-along-Nazi gang. The South Plaquemines School, located in Port Sulphur, La. is basically a slave plantation under Billy Nungessor and according to Plaquemines Parish, black children that don’t have a proper school uniform cant attend classes in Plaquemines Parish. Just one catch, these school uniforms have to come from a store, called “Just Next Door”, cant be ordered off line or gotten from New Orleans and this store sells these uniforms for hundreds of dollars. So, keep in mind that we are talking about rural people, in a rural town, who have incomes of like $10,000.00 a year, having to now pay $2,000 for school uniforms. So, basically we have yet another agenda being pushed by Hollywood, Time Warner-CNN, Anderson Cooper and Spike Lee, to stop blacks from learning in the South. This is the type of America, that Time Warner-CNN, Warner Bros, the ACLU and these Nazis are pushing. All of this mess with Obama, Time Warner-CNN, MSNBC, Arnie Duncan about this “education reform” is really about keeping your kids dumb with all kinds of rules that have nothing to do with education. In Ca. State, if parents didnt allow their kids to be injected with some “vaccine” they weren’t allowed to attend school this year and Hollywood, CNN Time Warner & cable news goes all around and promotes people like Billy Nungessor that are only in office to make life hard for the parents and children in Plaquemines Parish, La. Children do not learn by staying in school longer hours but instead children learn if they start school at an earlier age. If a child starts school at the age of 3, they can learn five languages because the mind of a very young child is in learning mode, but keeping 15 year olds in school, all year round, is a waste of time because the human mind isn’t designed for organic learning after the age of 12. But these people arent about education and the welfare of kids, they are all about some sicko Nazi control for the sake of their own power trips. Be warned about allowing the corporate media or black film directors like Spike Lee, to influence who you should allow to hold office. Hollywood and Time Warner-CNN, Time Warner HBO, Time Magazine, and Warner Studio are dirty filth. Also this Hollywood Promoted Pig, Billy Nungessor along with the Sheriff of that Parish, Jiff Hingle, did everything from trafficking in child sex slaves with Halliburton, to arresting people who do not allow an oil company from digging up their private property to maintaining FEMA trailers with 14 year old girls, who are kept as sex slaves. So, this is what cable news, the NY Times and Hollywood do…they dress up sick stuff and tell the public that it is something hip & cool. Hollywood, the US Media and America are firmly in the hands of a media, oil and banking cult of pedophiles & nazi loving wannabe elites.

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