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Monday, May 7, 2012

mixed news

Flo Rida was spotted at Sapphire strip club in Las Vegas. Women were draped all over him, yet he showed no interest whatsoever. According to sources, he looked bored. Tidbit: An Asian transsexual escort named Chanel arrived in Las Vegas for the festivities. She was desperate to hook up with a regular customer. Hints: 1. One of the hottest rappers on the planet! 2. "Not" Flo Rida. Missy has always been linked to women. We know about the Trina and Eva rumors. The site "Who's Dated Who," has linked her to Faith Evans, Lil Kim, Olivia and Da Brat. Sammy Davis, Jr. continued (throughout his life) to deny that actor John Wayne was racist, despite Wayne's comment below: Before his death, John Wayne told Playboy Magazine: "I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don't feel guilty about the fact that five or ten generations ago these people were slaves." Rewind: Sammy Davis, Jr. got along with racists. John Wayne gave Davis the first cowboy hat he ever wore in a film and Howard Hughes forked over $10,000 for contractors to build a projection room in Davis’ Beverly Hills mansion. Studio fixers hid Mae West's attraction to black men. In the 1930's, West informed her studio that she wanted Duke Ellington (and no one else) for a musical sequence in her film "Belle of The Nineties." West demanded that Ellington be paid $27,500 dollars for four week's work. A staggering sum for a black man in the 1930's. Later, West was spotted around town in a Rolls Royce with black actor Stepin Fetchit. Studio bosses called her in and read her the riot act. Before she died, West was linked to several black boxers When this story first broke, the young man was identified as Robert R. His actual name was Robert Rayford. Robert had never traveled outside the Midwestern United States, and had told doctors that he never received a blood transfusion. Since Rayford's AIDS infection was almost certainly through sexual contact and he had never left the country, researchers presume that AIDS may have been present in North America before Robert began showing symptoms in 1966. Moreover, Rayford never ventured into cosmopolitan cities such as New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, where the HIV-AIDS epidemic was first observed in the United States. mmmmm Robert Rayford lived in a brownstone in a poor neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri. His mother’s name was Constance Rayford, and he had a brother named George. Rayford was described as slender. His mild retardation left him relatively uncommunicative from shyness. Rayford, as early as his 13th year or sooner, was sexually active. Beginning in 1966, he started having some physical problems that seemed chronic. His legs swelled, and he developed sores on his genitals and body. Finally, in 1968, the boy admitted himself to Barnes Hospital (now Barnes-Jewish Hospital) in St. Louis. His complaints were multiple – the swelling in his legs was bothersome, his genitals and legs were covered in warts and sores, and his testicles were severely swollen. He was also emaciated (having lost much weight suddenly), and even though he was an brown skinned African-American male he was considered “pale." He also had shortness of breath. His symptoms led his caregivers to erroneously conclude he had lymphedema (a swelling caused by lymphatic problems). He also had a chlamydia infection (a parasitic venereal disease), clearly indicating he was sexually active. He led doctors to believe his activities were strictly heterosexual, even claiming at one point to having a girlfriend (who failed to surface). Diverting conversations occurred between Rayford and his primary care giver when questioned about his sexual activities: “Yeah, I’m the stud all the time”, was one such response. His doctors had not considered homosexuality initially; they thought he was referring to relations with girls. He always refused a rectal exam. It seemed clear based on his behavior and physical problems that he was, indeed, a homosexual prostitute (assuming the submissive role in anal intercourse). His first months in the hospital were spent with his doctors cutting back on his water and salt intake, and they wrapped and raised his legs, all to cut the swelling. Despite this, the inflammation moved up his body and into his lungs. Antibiotics were tried in varying dosages, but Rayford’s condition continued to deteriorate. The teen seemed stabilized by late 1968. In March 1969, however, all of his symptoms reappeared and rapidly worsened. His breathing labored; his white blood cell count (as part of routine blood work) was noted to have dropped dramatically. The only thing concurred at the time was that Rayford’s immune system had been somehow compromised. He developed a fever and died either in the late hours of May 15, 1969, or the early hours of May 16 (sources differ). His primary physician recalled, “Eventually his entire body constituted almost one wave of hard lumps and watery swellings.” Without a precise diagnosis, Rayford’s cause of death was attributed to the catch-all vagary “loss of vitality”. Intractable fluid imbalance and lung disease were listed as contributors. An autopsy revealed a surprise – his body carried a very rare cancer called Kaposi’s sarcoma. [Today, this cancer and its lesions are bellwethers of AIDS.] Anal scarring also indicated repeated sexual penetration. Because of the baffling nature of his case, doctors preserved several tissue and blood samples for later evaluation. In 1987, eighteen years after his death, molecular biologists at New Orleans’ Tulane University tested specimens of Rayford’s preserved blood and tissues. Their findings were stunning: a virus “closely related or identical to” HIV-1 was detected. Further confirmation testing in 1989 proved Robert Rayford (teenage male homosexual prostitute of St. Louis, Missouri) was the earliest confirmed victim of AIDS in North America. Before Robert Rayford, there was a possible case found in a dead Jamaican native named Ardouin Antonio. He came to the US in 1927. He was working as a shipping clerk for a clothier when he died at age 49 on June 28, 1959, in Manhattan. He had developed a very rare kind of pneumonia, seemingly out of the blue. Decades later the doctor who had performed Antonio’s autopsy was asked to re-evaluate the case. Did he think Antonio possibly died of AIDS? “You bet ... It was so unusual at the time … many cases of AIDS have been autopsied that we didn’t even know had AIDS.” Molecular research shows the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s stemmed from a viral strain that had entered the US via Haiti about 1966. Other strains have been isolated as well. As in cases like Robert Rayford’s, the disease died with him (though he probably infected others). JIGSAW: "HOUSE IN VIRGINIA" Introduction: The rate of HIV infection in major metro areas Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Newark, NJ., and Raleigh-Durham, N.C., and New York City is five times higher than previously thought. Also, it's been a rumor floating around Capitol Hill for years. Allegedly, a dirty trickster/fixer was hired (by a rival candidate) to remove a politician by any means necessary. The fixer found out his alleged target was scheduled for an annual medical checkup. Allegedly, big money was exchanged and a fake diagnosis was given to the target, stating that he was HIV positive (when he wasn't). The target committed suicide because he knew the diagnosis would ruin his career, if it leaked and he was an anti-gay advocate. Numerous black and white celebrities have HIV in Hollywood. Due to the cocktail, they look healthy but a bit swollen and some of them continue to travel to Germany for a controversial blood cleansing procedure. When or if they die, their death certificate will list a secondary illness affiliated with AIDS. Backstory: Rewind: It was rumored that a late male singer (icon) was passed around (sexually) among powerful men at the beginning of his career, this sick practice didn't stop with him. Fast Forward: This black male celebrity has emotional outbursts on a regular basis, and he also has a chip on his shoulder. Allegedly, he's still bitter about being passed around to several high ranking executives that belong to the downlow sect. He was allegedly violated in every way when he was underage. Sadly, this is the price of fame. This is the real reason for his anger. He isn't HIV positive (as far as we know) but due to his past, he's paranoid; because HIV can lay dormant for a decade. We also have a worried black actress. She was part of an ensemble cast on an cable TV show. Like others, she ignored the warnings when several women tried to inform her that a black actor she was dating, is HIV positive. She contributed the concern to jealousy until the actor admitted that he was HIV positive. I don't know if they had unsafe sex but they stopped dating. Hint: She's not a good actress and it's "not" Lisa Ray. Who is the black male celebrity? Who is the black actress? LoveMuffin on May 6, 2012 at 2:27 pm said: My guesses are…………….Late Icon: Luther Vandross Black Male Celeb: Christopher Williams or Terrence Howard Female Celeb: Wendy Raquel Robinson or Terry Vaughn

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