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Thursday, May 17, 2012

more church flk new

Pastor Ma$e Just Might be FAKE Mason Betha birth name of the rapper we call Mase, or should I say minister we call Mase? He has a church brand, El Elyon International Church. He already has a church in Atlanta and he said he plans to expand to the west coast by opening a church in Phoenix. First of all Phoenix ain’t the west coast and wasn’t this the guy who quit rapping for Bad Boy cause of religious reasons then came out of retirement to sign with G Unit? This flip flop had Sean Puffy Combs and Curtis 50 Cent Jackson squabbing over him. They were making records about each other, Mase was featured on the 50 cent track Window Shopper. Lucky for us the deal beteween Mase and G-Unit didn’t work out. This guy was wearing lip gloss way before Neyo. In the past he took a hiatus after rumors of him being caught with a TRANNY in Atlanta. I am not speculating, I am telling you Pastor Ma$e is a F FAKE! His whole ministry shit sounds like a business plan Ma$e reminds me of Jim Baker from The PTL CLUB, remember him from the 80′s? When they put down the bible they suck dick. Supporting Pa$tor Ma$e and his El Elyon International Church will definity hinder your on the Ladder To $ucce$$ Jacky 1:25

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