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Saturday, May 26, 2012

so u still want b a star huh believeing the hype dont say u wasnt warned

Do Anything for Fame Industry Insider Spills Shocking Tea… HSK Exclusive - An e-mail I recently received from one industry insider reveals in great detail just how far a lost soul will go to land fame. I’m sure people like Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim can’t argue with what this source has to say. That’s probably why our insider decided to spill tea to HSK readers. He knows all industry camps have someone from their company reading HSK daily. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jamie Foxx. Here’s some freezing cold ice T for your Memorial Day weekend: “Jacky, I lurk and read your site from time to time and your readers are sharper than other places. They recognize the seedy side of the music biz exists. That Usher story is just the tip of the iceberg. He, like all the others would do anything to get put on. We would ask people after they auditioned or whatever what would you do to make it? We had a list. Each thing was more way out than the last one. We asked a female singer once if she would sleep with everyone in the room? Without missing a beat she hopped up on the desk legs open and asked who was first? You gotta understand a lot of the people who wanted fame were little sissy boys who sang in church. We turned a few of those dudes into gangster rappers or sexy R & B singers. At their core they were still those little boys who jumped rope with the girls back in the day. We would put them in situations they liked but we could control. Sometimes we took pictures. Other times video. Other times the dude was a plant. He might walk into the office the next day and the artist would be stunned cause he had what he thought was a one night stand with the dude the night before. You then owned that artist. You owned his image and his career. He has to do shows and other things he doesn’t want to do now. You don’t have to pay him as much. He can’t say nothing about nothing. You can even pimp him out sexually. Once a person who craves fame has had a taste you take it away and then their morals go out the window, to get it back. The music industry is also controlled by people who don’t even work in it. People who control commerce, financing of deals, fashion. Dudes like Ron Burkle who gave Puff 100 mil to start Sean John. You think that dude can’t call a shot or ten? Think again. I believe he also extended lines of credit to other so called black owned hip hop clothing lines. Dudes like Wayne are paid to mess up the minds of black children. That’s his whole mission. His only mission. Its crazier than anyone can imagine. The rabbit hole is so deep Jacky. Ill check in with you from time to time bro. Peace.”

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