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Sunday, May 13, 2012

some tlk from brutha man

The delusional and ridiculous grandiose arrogance of Illuminati Wannabes in the media and Hollywood is becoming quite tiring. We hear a lot of talking about the FCC and the ending of regulations placed on US Media, under the Bush Administration, which has given way to a bunch of news and media outlets, that are all owned by four corporations. So, the US Media is not in the business of reporting reality but instead many of these news & network outlets are owned by special interest, which range from the Saudi Royal Family (Fox News) to corporations that profit off of war & civil unrest throughout the world. But what we do not hear much about, is the fact that Hollywood is also a conglomerate of six corporate entities and many of these corporate Hollywood entities are involved with continuation of the Nazi agenda and some are even caught up in idiotic Lucifer cults, which is nothing more than an Illuminati Matrix Program designed to make the “slaves” in Hollywood and even the world of politics, feel special in their inferior lives of trash DNA. The Illuminati is not the Freemason, but instead the Illuminati is an aristocracy of blood lines, which very few people can lay claim to in Hollywood and I do mean so few that, we may as well say that there is really is no Illuminati in Hollywood. Even if we look at some of the power house political families of politics, like the Bush Klan, they aren’t Illuminati in any way, shape or form. At the very best, the Bush Family is caught up in a third tier area of Illuminati Bondage called Freemason or Skull & Bones. The Freemasons or skull & bones, arent anything more than “slaves” or “helpers” but if we look at many of the members of the Freemasons or Skull & Bones, like John Kerry, Al Gore and Bush 1, Bush 2 and Bush 3, these are nothing more than people who were used as props by the Illluminati and simply because you have three generations of being a high profile slave for elites, doesn’t make one an Illuminati. If we look at the Bush Family, most are over weight, drug addicts who can barely stay sober long enough to remember to charge their cell phones. Hollywood is no different. We have an entire mechanism of taking dummies, who aren’t even on the long term agenda being that Hollywood can not give someone royalty beyond the duration of that person’s lifetime and sometimes it cant even do that, so it really isn’t like Spielberg, Ashley Judd or Ben Afflect will see future generations of their families sitting up in some remote French Castle, in the year 2040 and protected simply because their grand father was a Hollywood Actor or Producer. Some Hollywood People may be Illuminati through no fault of their own, like Beyonce or Angie Jolie. In fact, when I hear Timothy Geitner, Anjie Jolie or maybe Clooney speak, I seem to hear music but when I hear most other people talk, I hear a static noise, that is so dam irking and it could have something to do with my own Illuminati Ancestry, via no fault of my own-but that doesnt mean that I agree with Clooney allowing himself to be pimped by Oil Companies, The UN and Google to help start another genocide in Sudan. It isn’t like Jay-Z writes his own music, or like Oprah actually knows how to run and handle the business of a network or like Spielberg can actually sit down and come up with new cutting edge graphics. The US Pentagon and CIA, which produces a lot of propaganda films for Hollywood People, like Michael Moore, isn’t even an American Outfit. The CIA was never an American Run Agency and this secretive agency, which happens to write all the books for their political tokens like Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Bush, Cheney and Obama actually dates back to the 1600′s and progressed as a way for the Royal Family to keep tabs on the colonies before they made it public in the 1900′s along with an agenda of eugenics, imprisonment, drug running for the Royal Families of Europe and Saudi Arabia along with the fact that they work through Hollywood to promote and sell war or glamorize drug use because all of these industries keeps the Royal Families in luxury and comfort. The CIA produces more books than Random House, half the books put out by Random House, which have anything to do with how one is supposed to view reality is CIA and they put out more CD’s and artist than the artist formerly known as Prince during his fight with Warner Music. So, when you are talking about the heads of Hollywood or artist like Jay-Z or Lady Gaga, know that these people have no power and are disposable. The heads of Hollywood and media, are a bunch of ignorant racist, who sit around in round table discussions and try to impress each other by displaying which one of them knows more about the Annuaki or any other given fake CIA man made history about elite aliens, who came down and ran cities from enclaves of wealth while blacks were created as a slave mining race. Simply because MI6/CIA sits around and carves into some silly stones, which is something that anyone can do, then props up a Nazi from the European Academia, like Zecharia Sitchin or has Prince William press his face against some silly “Jesus burial cloth” doesn’t mean that it is true. In fact, its not true. Another thing that isn’t true, is the fact that Freemasons beyond the 33rd Degree are only there because they are of special bloodlines. No, these people are there because they are idiots, who actually believe that the Freemasons have the true bible and word of God. So, when these idiots get that 33rd Degree Freemason Bible and it is basically the King James Bible, which is itself a fraud, they really do think that simply replacing the word God with Lucifer is something of secret, great and hidden power. Nope. Its just another lie, created by the Illuminati, a long time ago, to give the silly slave helpers something to busy themselves with, as they go about their slave chores. 99% of all supposedly rich, high profile and powerful people, will never even be allowed in the same room with the Illuminati. Not even the Bush Family, a multi generational skull&bones dynasty, are guaranteed anything beyond very brief moments in the Sun, so needless to say all of these United Nations Hollywood People, that go around and feel special because they are tasked to put a smiley face, on systemic genocides in Africa due to the insane and out of control Euro trash sitting up in Europe’s Houses of Parliament or in the U.S. Senate, are really quite worthless. Steve Jobs likely didn’t even know how to use a calculator being that he was just a token that felt special when he promoted slave cities in China with sky high suicide rates due to forced labor in Apple Inc’s City Center Slave Shops and Bill Gates likely doesn’t even know how to run a Norton Virus Scan because he is really yet another Matrix Image or face, that has no power, other than a cult of personality. These Billionaires, were told last year, to not leave any wealth to their kids and upon death, to turn over half of their fortunes to so called “charity”. Well, this is because these people have no wealth and even billionaires can only log into their bank accounts and see fake digital numbers that simply aren’t real. Only the Illuminati can have long term wealth that passes on through genetic inheritance, so all of these actors, studio executives and even these silly ass people on cable news, that constantly think that they hang with the elites, I can say that you hang with no one except your own delusional imagination. What happened to the NWO under ground bases in America last month? How many of these so called, wannabe “hanging with the elites” crowd, actually got the memo saying that six of the under ground bases got blown up by a break off group of patriotic anti-CIA military units? Did anyone really believe that Washington DC and Denver had an Earth quake on the same day and at the same time, by mere freak coincidence? Oh, yall didn’t know? And they also didn’t get the memo about the WMD, which the CIA/Pentagon planned to set off in America, while they all run to these under ground bases. YOU DUMB ARENT GETTING THE MEMOS BECAUSE YOU ARE WANNABE TRASH, WHO AREN’T IN ANY KIND OF CLICK OTHER THAN THE CLICK OF YOUR OWN MINDS! The Illuminati Wannabes, US military & government pawns and UN Nazis are LOSING! And they are losing because they are losers! What we have are all of these bi-polar groups, like oil companies, drug companies and these perverted Billionaire High Profile Clicks, that are even saying that oil barges can be a place for them to have sex with 8 year old boys, while the European and US Media, starts this agenda of putting 8 year girls in high fashion magazines along with the whole Nazi thing, that actually wants to remove well bred, East Africans and replace them with what? With Euro and Arab Trash? The Illuminati has made useless friends in all the wrong places and also made enemies in all the wrong places, because I tell ya what, that mess with Time Warner-Obama, BP, Warner Bros and Spike Lee-helping to run that propaganda scam in my home town parish in La. State, is something that I aint gonna take lying down. I still see Billy Nungessor holding office, I still see Anderson Cooper on tv and Spike Lee still doing films-so the Illuminati and NWO gonna get a TKO. The Illuminati called themselves using the trash but as a result, they have become trash. For all these Hollywood People who constantly say that they do not have a belief in God and somehow think that this “I Don’t Believe in God” chatter some how makes them smarter? Well it doesn’t. In fact, these are the dumbest of people because not believing in God doesn’t mean that you don’t believe in anything, but instead these people usually believe in EVERYTHING else but God, which is why science & history have been so successful in dumbing people down to the point that they really do buy the bullshit that NASA has discovered water on the moon or planets of diamonds, magically, every time NASA’s welfare budget is about to get cut. Science is nothing more than well crafted mind control and has been abused to the point that falling back on science as your foundation for thought, is really almost like falling back on Voodoo or Santeria. And this is exactly why the idiots sit there with those fake 10th Planet Zecharia Sitchin books as their Holy Bible. People aren’t sick from a lack of Health Care but are sick due to the deliberate contamination of the food, air and water supply by the UN, in yet another misled agenda of enriching some bratty, deviant, perverted, un-needed pharmaceutical profiteers. Hollywood Atheists are not smarter, but instead they are usually the dumbest of all people and keep in mind the Illuminati bases everything that they aim for, even with the One World-No Borders-No Language-No Culture off of their belief in God. Nicolas Duplessis

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