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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The U.S. Government’s Demonic Worship and Rituals in Alaska.

First of all, the British Royal Family, maintains a copy of King Solomon Keys(the real book and not what is on, which is a book that’s all about Demonic Invocations. There is only one copy of this King Solomon-Voynich Manuscript, in its authentic form. There is a reason why this book is off limits to the world and the reason is due to the fact that if people saw what was in these Satanic Books, you would see that most of the blue/red coloring used by American Corporations like K-Mart, Target or Chevron Oil-are based off of the worship of Satan. If a person knows this stuff, there is no way that you can say that the United States, going back to 1910 on up, isn’t a country that doesn’t have Satanism as the main religion. Even if you watch British “thriller” films, they are mostly based off of Satanic worship and one can get an entire occult education in everything to do with worshipping Satan simply by watching British thriller films, under the foreign film section on Netflix. This is how deep the selling of Satan goes by American & British Entertainment Producers and even the general UN loving news media. Hollywood does some hard core pushing of Satan. There is a film called The Fourth Kind starring Milla Jovovich and of course it comes on every week on Time Warner-HBO. This film is based off a true story about alien abductions in small town Alaska. But if we look at what Hollywood was doing when they made this film, we will see that Hollywood was in bed with the CIA and British-working in an effort to put out misinformation about alien abduction to cover up for a sinister Satanic Agenda that these people tend to work in far off places like the wilderness of Pa. State, Alaska Wilderness or even the Louisiana Swamps. Now what Hollywood is showing in The Fourth Kind are people who are being watched by supposedly Annuaki Aliens (Sitchin 10th planet author)-who appear to be owls at first. But why are they using owls? Well the owl is a Satanic symbol for Satan and the CIA and Oil Industry, all run by UN Global Satanist, are based up in Alaska. The CIA and oil industry have been kidnapping Alaskan Children for Satanic rituals and blaming these abductions on aliens. It is to the point that one Alaska town has over 2000 people that simply came up missing. The CIA is spraying a hallucination chemical over this town, with a formulae that is based off of old occult books and invoking demons(this hallucination chemical allows one to see demons aka space aliens)- but Hollywood was instructed to put out this film, The Fourth Kind, and to cover up the Satan worship by playing the “Annuaki Alien Abduction Card.” I told yall that these idiots in Hollywood simply hold up this entire fraudulent Annuaki theory as their bible and Holy Grail but in reality, we just have some sick people who sit on top of our government and operate under the cloak of night. Bavarian Illuminati Secret Society comes from the 1700′s and they maintained the Voynich manuscript of the most perverted Satanic Worship known to man. This manuscript was then taken to London and its full of incantations and demonic spells. The book teaches about hallucinogenic plants like the Blue Lilly of the Nile, which is really what modern day Ecstasy synthetic drugs were based off being that all pharmaceuticals and synthetic drugs tend to have an herbal base. When all of these protestant British churches were being created out of space by the British Royal Families, these people were in consultant with John Dee & Edward Kelley, and these two were the biggest and most renowned European Satanist of their time. A lot of the King James Bible, the Episcopal Church and others, are following bibles which were translated and slanted by the British Royal Family, at a time when they would sit around and conjure demons. Demonic worship by the illuminati elite and European Aristocratic Society took hold in the 12th and 13th centuries. The Catholic Churches even formed the inquisitions to prevent the circulation of these manuscripts but even as they did this, the Catholic Spiritual Rulers would sit in the Vatican and conjure demons, work with demons and consult demons for all matters. These books were mostly written by King Solomon, way back in the day, and during the Medieval days, in the South of France, a Jewish rabbi started teaching the occult to the South of France Aristocratic class and then these books got translated into Latin, for the first time in history. These Satanic books are followed by members of the UN, the Bush Family, CIA heads, at least going back to the 1890′s and even the oil & mining industry heads. Every ritual, from these books, involve some kind of child sacrifice and the killing of children to obtain power. Keep in mind that the British Government has a major HARP system in Alaska, which is a program that some people think is designed for weather warfare. Yet, HARP and weather warfare is a tool that has been used going back to about 20 years but the technology, which some people call alien technology, is really not anything more than demonic worship. The main way to call, summon or worship demons, based off of all of the Illuminati books is by vibrations and sounds. The British HARP system in Alaska, has two faces and one of those faces is for the worship of demons. When ever a person dabbles in demonic magic or angel magick, enochian magick or high magick-one must use “calls” or chanting of incantations to actually summon the demon. Illuminati Books, dating back to King Solomon even gave calls to summon demons from other worlds and or planets. By the British using a major instrument, to send vibrations into the Earth’s Atmosphere not only does this alter weather patterns but it changes the Earth’s natural vibrations, which cuts man kind off from the natural flow of the angelic universe, which leaves us open to demonic influence and even possession. This is why many people are taking drugs simply to feel normal or why it feels that things are spinning out of control. This is the Illuminati and them pushing for the ultimate worship of Satan and their worship is tied into every aspect of our lives. When then Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, was getting blessed by a Christian Minister to protect her from demons, the main stream media had a field day off of making fun of her but these people, in the media, can do this because they realize that Americans don’t know who they are really worshipping at night and whom they have to worship simply to be successful in American Media, Hollywood or Politics. Whenever you hear the term “Holy Grail” these people are basically referring to a group of Satanic Books and this is common knowledge among the illuminati even as they pretend to act like the Holy Grail is some mystery painting or even some pre historic alien nuclear reactor. No. the Holy Grail is 100% an encyclopedia of how to build a satanic society and there really isn’t much else to this Holy Grail business. So, all of this stuff to do with Alaskan towns being abducted by aliens, like they suggest in The Fourth Kind & seeing owls, aint really nothing but the sadist delusional criminals that run the oil industry and CIA, kidnapping children for their own sick and twisted needs. The owl isn’t just used in the film, The Fourth Kind, but its found at the Media/Political gathering in Northern Ca. Bohemian Grove and its even found in Yale’s Skull and Bones Fraternity, so these people know good and well that they aren’t just doing symbolic stuff for entertainment but instead they are hard core demonic worshippers who understand the power of these demons. By Nicolas Duplessis

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