The Spook Who Sat By the Door The Spook Who Sat By the Door

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two Detroit Men Shot In Argument About Kool-Aid

Witnesses say two men in the Brightmoor neighborhood were so passionate about the way they make Kool-Aid, they started arguing with each other over who does it better. Sadly, that fight took a horrifying turn when they both pulled out guns and started firing at each other. Again, this was over Kool-Aid. They didn’t hit each other, but two innocent bystanders suffered gunshot wounds in the soft drink shooting. Police call it utterly ridiculous, but they’ve seen worse. Fox 2′s Andrea Isom has the story. To make matters worse the 2 ninjas shooting didn’t even shoot each other! They missed and hit 2 17-year-olds!! Triflin’ to say the least… But Seriously, all “shade” and BS aside, wht is going on up there?!?! Kool-Aid?! C’mon son, we gotta do better than this. SMMFH Think it’s too stupid to be true? Check the news report for yourself.

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