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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tyler Perry Studios Goes Up In Flames

Last night around 9pm Tyler Perry Studios in Southwest Atlanta went up in flames... Neighbors claim they heard two explosions before the blaze started. The fire was put out by 10 pm but one building was badly damaged and the front of another had completely collapsed. Tyler Perry's 200,000-square foot studio sits on 30 acres and houses several sets and a 400 seat theater. Tyler Perry was at spotted outside the burning studio but would not speak with reporters.
comments Anonymous said... Spike Lee really needs to chill though. Setting studios ablaze because the Knicks are super weak? I can't. 9:36 AM Ms. Lee said... Quite unfortunate. However, I'm sure this mega-studio is insured and all will be well for Tyler & Co. 9:37 AM Anonymous said... if you look at the numbers, tylers last couple of movies didnt do so well. kevins movie basically outsold tylers perrys last film in 2 weeks. i guess ppl are getting sick of madea. what to do if ur losing millions, have no liquid money, and still have the expensive day to day expenses of running a studio? burn it down. collect insurance money.profit. 9:38 AM Anonymous said... THE MOST HIGH IS WARNING ALL YOU HOMOSEXUALS FOR YOUR WICKEDNESS....JUST WATCH HOW THE BLACK WOMAN RUNS TO THIS HOMOS DEFENCE 9:47 AM Bee Geena said... Let me find out the "S" niggas---Spike Lost and Steve Horrible did this ho s to Madea and fam yo... 9:48 AM Anonymous said... Scorned lover? Disgruntled employee? Spike lee? The boondocks guy? 9:50 AM Anonymous said... I disagree with all the suggested suspects.....Madea did this. Tyler's alter ego is jealous of him pimping her for money. So she went to the studio and "Burnt it down"...I can see that car speeding away as the firetrucks came.Tyler's alter ego is becoming violent. 9:55 AM Anonymous said... @9:38 LOL so true! ppl just sick of Madea. Even martin had to make big mama had to go away.its cute and funny for the first 2 but after the third its like mehhh. 10:09 AM

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