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Sunday, May 13, 2012

wht the streets r saying

I Pledge Allegiance to the United States of Satan. Hollywood, Media,Mexicans & Demons.
Just last week the Obama Administration, at the urging of his Nazi New World Order Ruler, Soros, sent US Troops into Uganda, Africa. What is the US doing in Uganda, Africa? We are killing the Christian Black Africans to protect the UN Islamic Dictators in that country, which America funds, in hopes of gaining an oil field for European Royal Owned Oil Companies, like B.P. Hitler’s Army had over 30,000 Nazi Jews and many of these Nazis are the people who are not only running Israel but terrorizing the Jews in Israel. Israel just freed an Israeli Soldier from the terror group Hamas. For one Israeli Soldier, Israel agreed to release over 1000 alleged terrorist but considering that Hamas is a terror group which Israel created in the 1970′s and many of the photos taken of Hamas with the shirts and cloths hiding their faces are really Israeli Nazis in Hamas disguise-all the Israelis have done, this week, was release over 100 Hamas Members back to their own government. The reason that the Bush Administration bombed the WTC in NY on Sept 11, 2001 and imploded buildings without any care for American Lives, is because the agenda of spreading Satanism is always the main priority with the US Government, UN and CIA. America is gone! If you drive from Ca. State to Louisiana, when you get into lower-Central Texas the border patrol and Mexican Military are along a new border line. The only place where you will see border patrol and Mexican Military in Ca. State is at the San Ysidro/Mexican San Diego Border Crossing. So, why is the Mexican Military and border patrol now located 98 miles North of the supposedly official Mexican/Texas Border? Its because there is no more American Sovereignty in the state of Texas. America is over. Radio Host, Alex Jones, has been doing a report from the Texas/Mexico border all week and he seems shocked at how the Mexicans are now worshipping El Flaco aka the skinny one and was saying that the demonic worship of El Flaco is only second to Jesus in popularity. Well, that’s where the white American mentality and knowledge on foreign cultures gets dumb because when one sees a Latino with a Jesus or Mother Mary tattoos, these are not meant to represent the Christian Bible figures but instead they are “masked Saints” for the pagan Santeria religion, which draws upon a tradition from colonial Spanish days when the mixed Africans and Indigenous Native Indians of the Caribbean, parts of Eastern Mexico and Brazil wanted to maintain their pagan gods so they simply masked them behind Catholic Idols. So, seeing Jesus and a rosary on a drug cartel or Latino gang members, doesn’t mean that they are observant Catholics. The reason why these Mexicans are killing 20,000 people a year and worshipping Satan is because this is American Culture being spread to Mexico by drug cartels, which were trained in Georgia and are now funded by Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CIA, ATF and JP Morgan. Mexico is reaping the punishments for being in bed with the United States of Satan & allowing the UN and America to prop up dictators into Mexican Political Office. Now the state of Ca. is banning bibles, even home bible studies. Why are they doing this? They are doing this because Americans are ruled by Satanist. Most of these new Christian Bibles and new translations are being written by Illuminati who are channeling demons. Home Bible Study was banned in Orange County, which happens to be a very conservative area of Ca. State. Now who else lives in Orange County, Ca.? The Big Pimp Daddy of them all, Pastor Warren of Saddleback Church. So, in Ca. State they are banning home bible studies in this man’s back yard but do you hear any argument or protest from Evangelical Pastor Warren? Nope. Why? Because the American Evangelical Church was created by Satanist and being that 90% of Christian Churches, especially those located outside of the Upper South, are now under government/media demonic control, these Pimp Daddy Pastors have a job duty, which is to push Satanism but to also make it look like Christianity-as they get people into these American Satanic Churches. Lucifer was the Angel that God assigned over the arts,media and music. Lucifer was originally given domain over the creative and artistic field aka Hollywood/Media/Music, so how can a real Christian go to a church or follow these Ministers and Pastors like Pastor Warren or TD Jakes or any other of these Satanists when they are all tied into distribution and TV deals with media networks and Hollywood? Simply calling something a conservative or Christian Network, doesn’t mean that it is of God, in fact these are the most Satanic pushing people around because they are turning Christianity into a “show biz” and creative art form. By 2016, these people have laid out three objectives that they must complete in America in order to bring in the full transition into Satanism. 1) disarming Americans & mass jailing 2)taking your kids in order to sexually abuse them or train them at UN Schools like the new schools that we are seeing in the state of South Carolina 3) destroying all aspects of self-food production to control Americans via starvation, as the UN has done in Africa for over 30 years with the cover of Hollywood Celebrities & Music Industry. In conclusion, Satanism is the un-official religion of the United States. Everything that we do is for the worship of Satan including mass abortions and even the way that black babies were snatched from their families after Hurricane Katrina aka US Army Corp man made flooding in 2005 and shipped off to NY & Ca. State where the Bush Administration handed these black babies to the pharmaceutical and science labs, which then killed the children by testing toxic pharmaceutical drugs onto these kids. This isn’t anything new. The United States and American Corporations along with the British, routinely traffic in child sex slaves and all of our major American Banks, like Bank of America & Wachovia, all own planes that transport ALL the cocaine into the U.S. from Latin America. Nicolas Duplessis

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