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Monday, June 25, 2012

How Satan Deceives

Satan possesses many ways in which he is able to carry out his deceptions:

He can, first of all, suggest thoughts to a person's mind in much the way that a hypnotist does. This is actually the mechanism of ordinary temptation. The difference is that the temptation takes place at the spiritual rather than the material level. The person who is hearing the devil's suggestions doesn't naturally realize that the thoughts are coming from the devil. A Christian, however, can recognize the devil's thoughts if he has been enlightened by the Holy Spirit and study of the Word, plus some experience in Christian living.
In the same way, Satan can cause a person to believe that he remembers something that did not happen. This is the probable cause of "hypnotic regression" UFO stories. There have also been tragic consequences of this related to other issues, such as sexual molestation cases.
Satan can also speak to humans in a voice that they hear "telepathically" within their minds. This phenomenon has been the original inspiration for some UFO cults.
Satan can alter a person's perceptions by way of spiritual suggestion, making him think that he is having an experience that is not really happening. Similarly, he can alter a person's perceptions of a real experience in such manner that a person believes that he is experiencing something other than what is really happening. He can do this to the point that, like a hypnotist, he can cause a person to have real physical symptoms from "medical examinations" and "radiation poisoning" that never happened.
He can briefly imitate God's power of creation to the point of making strange things appear that are real enough to be photographed, filmed, and tracked on radar, but that cannot exist permanently. That is why "real" UFO sightings seldom last long, usually only a few minutes and rarely more than a few hours. This is the source of "real" UFOs. It also accounts for ghosts, apparitions, seance manifestations and poltergeist phenomena.
He can cause physical changes to material things that are real and permanent. (There is Biblical precedent for this idea; see Exodus 7:11 & 22.) This includes physical harm done to humans.
Finally, he and his "principalities and powers" can masquerade as "aliens" and possibly as humans, just as the Bible says that he "transforms himself into an angel of light" (II Corinthians 11: 14 & 15). Or, looking at it differently, just as demons masquerade as deceased people in seances.

Understand this: Satan's power to deceive is much greater than most Christians realize.

Jesus warned us about this with the statement, "and show great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect" (Matthew 24:24).
St. Paul echoed the idea in II Thessalonians 2:9, with the words, "...according to the working of Satan with all power, signs and lying wonders".
Unfortunately, contrary to what some believe, Christians are not immune to deception. The words of Jesus, "if possible", could be better translated, "whenever possible". This is an honest alternate reading of the original Greek, and more in line with reality. Christians have been deceived, and thereby seriously hurt, spiritually and otherwise, because of their ignorance of the dangers connected with UFOs.

If you as a Christian do not believe that Satan could be responsible for the UFO Phenomenon, then notice the term "all power" in the quote from St. Paul. It tells us that Satan's power to deceive is something very serious. It happens to be the Greek word "dunamis". It is the same word translated "possible" in the statement, "With God, all things are possible" in Matthew 19:26. Paul is saying that, as far as deception in the End Times is concerned, all things are possible with Satan. We are in the End Times now.

The terms "signs and lying wonders", attributed to Satan, and especially "lying wonders", are almost certainly a reference to, among other things, UFOs.

At the very least, UFOs constitute a massive effort on the part of Satan and his "principalities and powers" (Ephesians 6:12) to keep or divert people from saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and, if possible, to ensnare them to the point of insuring their damnation. Satan also uses UFOs to seriously damage the lives of Christians.

Contrary to what some Christians believe, there is no reason to believe from the Bible that anyone is predestined to damnation. As Paul said (I Timothy 2: 3 & 4), "God our Saviour...desires all men to be saved". But it is possible that a person can go so far into sin that he or she is lost beyond salvation. It appears that Satan uses UFOs to get people to go beyond the spiritual point of no return.
Recognizing all this, some Christians seriously believe that the Beasts of the Revelation will have some connection with UFOs. Although this is not certain, it is by no means impossible and even appears likely.

The sheer scale of the UFO Phenomenon, moreover, can be considered, in an indirect way, to be a sign of our Lord's soon Coming. "The devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows he has but a short time" (Revelation 12:12). The devil is going all out with deception and temptation, and God is allowing it. UFOs are a major part of the devil's effort. The current level of interest in the Phenomenon is much greater than those who are not familiar with the subject would expect.

For example, there are more UFO books on the shelves of secular bookstores now than at any previous time. Old titles have been reprinted, and many new ones have appeared. There are new, slick, full color UFO magazines on the newsstands that present a curious mixture of scientific skepticism and New Age credulity. There have been a number of TV specials on the subject in recent years. There are well over 1000 Web sites devoted to the subject. In fact, UFOs are one of the biggest specific non-commercial topics on the Internet.

Note: It is not the purpose of this site to present a complete description of the UFO Phenomenon. There is simply too much material to cover. It is rather the purpose of this site to show why UFOs are satanic, warn of the specific dangers to Christians, and provide tips for spiritual self defense relative to UFOs. Little formal documentation is included, but that is to save time and space. Everything said is based on sound Scriptural reasoning and information from reliable sources.

Government Cover - Ups

There has been a constant battle of words, and even litigation (to obtain the release of classified documents) for years between the U. S. governments, as well as other governments, and "true believers" in UFOs. They have accused the governments of covering up information about UFOs, particularly information that would prove their extraterrestrial origin. As you are probably well aware, this has long since reached the point of serious accusations being levied against the U. S. Air Force, claiming that they have in their possession the remains of crashed alien space ships and the bodies of aliens. Of course, the most famous case is the Roswell, New Mexico incident, but it isn't the only one. And of course, the "crashed UFOs" and the "alien corpses" are supposedly being kept and studied at Area 51.

What is the real truth?

As far as most of the real actions of the U. S. and other governments are concerned, there are four major factors:

The governments don't know any more about "real" UFOs than the general public does, and they don't want to admit it. They have their own UFO problem.
As far as incidents like the one in Roswell are concerned, UFOs are not being covered up, they are the cover - up! Not only the U. S. Government, but several other governments are known to have planted fake UFO stories, and to have later taken action to reinforce the stories, to cover up secret government projects. These cases are examples of the counter-espionage technique called "disinformation". James Oberg, a famous UFO skeptic, has gone on record publicly saying that he knows of a number of specific cases of this type. He says that if certain individuals whom he knows personally could be guaranteed immunity from prosecution, several major UFO cases could be explained.
In the Roswell case, the U. S. Government admitted two years ago that what really crashed there was a spy balloon from a secret program called "Project Mogul". These balloons did exist, and may have been responsible for other UFO reports as well, including the death of Capt. Thomas Mantell while chasing a UFO in P51 Mustang. The spy balloons were meant to gather information about Soviet atomic bomb tests. During the Cold War they had to be kept secret. There is concrete reason to believe that UFO stories have also been used to cover up experiments with energy beam (i.e. ray gun) weapons, stealth vehicles, and psychological warfare. Furthermore, the U.S. Government has infiltrated and manipulated UFO cults to get their unwitting help in perpetrating the cover - ups.
The UFO "true believers" have unwittingly helped to reinforce the deception by refusing to believe the government explanations even when the governments have told the truth. This has been particularly the case with the Roswell incident.
The U. S. Government has tried to suppress, not cover up, news stories about "real" UFOs for fear of a mass hysteria situation like what happened with the notorious Orson Welles broadcast of "War of the Worlds" in 1938. The Government can and does persuade reporters not to publish certain stories by threatening to cut off important news sources if they do. This has often been done in the best interest of the American public and national security, but has given ammunition to those who accuse the Government of "cover - up".
Special Problem: The Men in Black

The recent hit movie "Men in Black" is superficially based on one of the most puzzling - and frightening - aspects of the UFO Phenomenon. These, in reality, are men who, in the United States, at least, visit people who have had real, conscious, UFO encounters, shortly after the experience. They usually present what appear to be credentials identifying them as agents of the U. S. Government, Air Force Intelligence, or some similar agency. They often seem to know all about the victim's experience, even when the victim hasn't told anyone! If any photographs, videos, etc. were taken during the experience, the "Men in Black" will usually confiscate them. They similarly confiscate anything that constitutes material evidence. Finally, they often warn the victims not to tell anyone about either the UFO experience or their visit. Of course, many victims have done just the opposite, and hence the mystery and the movie.

When an outcry occurs over the confiscation of personal property, intimidation tactics, etc., the government or the agency in question always denies knowing anything about the "Men in Black".

There are two main possible explanations for the "Men in Black", and one or the other is probably true in all cases:

They are in fact government agents, and the UFO incidents were actually secret government experiments or exercises. There is substantial reason to believe that this was the case in a major UFO flap that occurred in early 1967 in the State of New Jersey, during which "Men in Black" appeared and confiscated photographs. In some such cases, the incidents where experiments in psychological warfare, and the witnesses were deliberately victimized by the government. That's why the "Men in Black" knew about the incidents when the victim hadn't told anyone.
In some cases, the "Men in Black" may actually have been demons masquerading as human beings. John A, Keel, a secular expert, thinks so! This would also explain their mysterious knowledge of what happened. Some "Men in Black" have been described as behaving in a strange, seemingly inhuman manner. In the Bible, angels sometimes appeared in human form, and by many reports still do (see Hebrew 13:2). It is possible that demons occasionally do so too.
Either way, the appearances of the "Men in Black" has given more ammunition to the UFO believers who are screaming "cover - up!", and hence has indirectly helped to strengthen the credibility of the "Alien Spaceship" explanation of UFOs.

Livestock Mutilations

Livestock mutilations are a more serious matter, legally, since they involve the killing of valuable animals; cows, steers, and other forms of commercial livestock. In these incidents, the animals are found dead and looking like they have been subjected to the deliberate removal of body parts. In most cases, this seems to have been done quite skillfully with the use of precision tools. Again, it usually looks like the work of something intelligent as opposed to natural predators. Because of this, and the fact that UFO abductions of livestock have been reported, these incidents have been automatically linked to UFOs. Alternate explanations are that they are the work of cultists or malicious pranksters. But again, the cultists or pranksters who did this without the livestock owner's paid - for complicity, would do so at the risk of their lives. If caught in the act, they might get shot! Some reported cases were probably in fact the work of natural predators, but there remains an unexplainable factor that cannot be answered except by attributing the mutilations to "space aliens", or by saying again, that this is another form of Satan's "lying wonders". Satan is not a nice guy. Nothing he does should surprise us. He will do anything that will cause confusion and turn people's attention away from the Gospel.

On the yes side, there have been reports that described "aliens" coming out of UFOs that had landed and the "aliens" were seen doing what we would call collecting specimens, that is, samples, of rocks, plants, etc. Some of these "aliens" have been seen doing what appeared to be "maintenance work" on their "spaceships". These same "aliens" have avoided contact with humans. As mentioned on the previous page, UFO abductions of animals have been observed. These things are actually the kinds of behavior that we would expect from intelligent aliens. The UFOs in some of these cases have left material evidence of their having been there when they took off, such as indentations in the ground from their landing gear. There has been scorching and other damage done to foliage. In one such case, a tarred road was reported to have been set afire by the UFO's rocket engines when it took off. People who have come into close proximity to landed UFOs have been burned or otherwise injured. Some people who have gotten close to UFOs seem to have suffered radiation poisoning.

Also, in abduction cases, if the "aliens" say anything about their origin, they claim to come from other worlds. In the famous "Interrupted Journey" abduction case, the victims, Betty and Barney Hill, were shown a 3-D star map that the "aliens" said showed their home star system. Researchers have identified this map with an area of space not far distant (in interstellar terms) from the earth containing several sun - like stars.

Emotional effects on, as well as abductions of, animals have been reported. This does appear to suggest that something real is happening, but see, "How Satan Deceives". It is not surprising if the presence of demonic power sufficient to produce a UFO could also produce an emotional impact, i.e. frightening, on animals. There is Biblical precedent for the idea that an animal can sense the presence of a spirit being. See Numbers 22:22-30. The context suggests that although the donkey's speaking was a miracle, its seeing the angel was not.

There have been "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" wherein the abductees remembered having small objects implanted within their bodies. There have been several recent cases in which it is claimed that the objects were found and surgically removed. No one claims to know with certainty the purpose of these strange, tiny objects. However, they do not appear to be made of anything that could not have come from earth.

Materials and objects have been presented for scientific examination with the allegation that they came from UFOs. The results are inconclusive. Although the materials in at least two cases were quite unusual, chemically speaking, there was, again, nothing about them that made them of necessarily extraterrestrial origin.

Are UFO Photographs, Videos, etc., Really Worth Anything as Evidence?

In a word, No! Unless, backed up by the testimony of multiple reliable witnesses. They are too easily faked, especially since the advent of computer image and video editing. Even in the past, it was amazingly easy for a person who had even a serious amateur's knowledge of photography to create convincing fakes. Commercial photographers and filmmakers regularly create what amount to fake photos and films as part of their business. It's what we call "special effects". The old saying "The camera doesn't lie" is itself a lie, and has been almost since the beginning of photography. Besides, as stated previously, Satan can produce "lying wonders" that are real enough to be photographed, videotaped, and/or tracked on radar, simultaneously.

In this context, there has been a big sensation in the past two years (1996-97) over a film that purports to show an autopsy being performed on the corpse of a "space alien". It is the subject of hot debate, even among "true believers", whether the film is genuine. Furthermore, an alternate explanation, though not a pleasant one, for the body in the film has surfaced. The body may have been that of a human child who was the victim of a germ warfare experiment. Again, if this is true, calling it an "alien" was the cover - up. (Note: this was done in the late 40's to early 50's if true.) Regardless of the true explanation, the controversy that exists over the film shows that even things like this do not constitute real evidence.


Given the proposition that Satan is able to produce the effects mentioned above, we find that the "satanic deception" explanation becomes increasingly credible in the light of the reasons for a "No" answer.


Skeptics, have argued, quite credibly, that it is extremely unlikely that aliens are visiting us in the numbers that would be required to produce the UFO Phenomenon. If UFOs are in fact alien spaceships, then we appear to be receiving several hundred visits a day. If this is really alien spaceship activity, then what is happening is nothing short of a covert invasion. They have to be out to take over the world, one Close Encounter at a time. They may even be preparing for an overt invasion.

Some scientists have argued against the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life using the same arguments from mathematical probability that Creationist use to argue against evolution by chance. They say that the probability of intelligent life evolving by chance is so small that, although it "did happen here", it is wildly improbable that it happened anywhere else. Relevant to this, the late Dr. Carl Sagan, in his book "The Cosmic Connection", said that the probability of life as we know it evolving by chance is smaller than the number one divided by the number of atoms in the universe. Which is to say, it is best expressed as zero. Yet there have been several types of "space aliens" reported, which increases the improbability. From the scientific point of view, therefore, the "alien spaceship" explanation is so highly improbable that it is in practical terms impossible.

Impossible Maneuvers

It has long been a scientific objection to the "alien spaceship" explanation that UFOs flying in the sky appear to perform maneuvers that violate the known laws of physics. These maneuvers include making sharp turns, or instantly reversing direction, while moving at high speed, and instantly disappearing. With the best of modern science and technology, there is no way that the turns and reversals can be explained, even in theory. The amount of energy required would approach infinity, and the G-forces involved would kill the crew. In fact, a material vehicle would disintegrate under the inertial stress. You have heard the truism, "It's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop". These maneuvers are the equivalent of a very sudden, high speed stop. But Satan could make a person believe that he saw a UFO doing these things. UFOs instantly disappearing is difficult, though not impossible, to explain in terms of modern physics. But it is easy to explain it if the UFOs are not real to begin with. All it means is that the demons stopped doing whatever they were doing to make the UFOs appear.

Scientific Authority

One of the greatest scientific authorities on the subject of UFOs was the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek (died 1986). Hynek was the Professor of Astronomy at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and was very active in the NASA Space Program. Relevant to UFOs, he was best known for having been the scientific consultant to the U.S. Air Force Project Bluebook, the official government investigation of UFOs. Later, he established the Center for UFO Studies, the only truly scientific organization to ever openly investigate the Phenomenon. He coined the terms "Nocturnal Lights" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" as parts of a system of classification of UFO reports that he created. He was paid $25,000 dollars by Steven Spielberg to be a consultant for the movie, "Close Encounters...", and did an unannounced cameo appearance in the final sequence.

When Hynek first became involved with Project Bluebook, he was a skeptic. But his experiences in working with the Project gradually turned him into a believer. He was, in fact, shocked by the unscientific approach the Air Force investigators took toward the subject. For all that, he never believed that UFOs were spaceships from other planets. And remember that this man knew as much as, or more about the subject than, anyone else alive. He did think there was something real about them, though. He speculated that they might be from another dimension. He definitely believed that people were seeing things that were not subject to any ordinary explanation. This is closer to the truth, as we shall see.

Theological Objections to the "Alien Spaceship" Theory

The existence of intelligent extraterrestrial beings who are regularly visiting the earth and interacting with humans, if this should prove true, would open a can of theological worms - deadly worms, at that - for Christians. A theological objection to the "alien spaceship" explanation of UFOs has long since been raised on this issue: If the beings who present themselves as "space aliens" really are such, then why is God allowing them to tamper with the human race the way they are obviously doing? Why would He allow them to harm humans? The "aliens" that are involved with "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and those who give "telepathic" inspiration to UFO cultists say things that are contrary to Christian doctrine and that are usually of a decidedly New Age nature. If UFOs are alien spaceships, then the "aliens", by Christian standards, are evil. Even secular experts have acknowledged this. If they were not, they would either leave us alone completely or at worst not tamper with humanity the way they are doing.

The only other possibility relevant to the situation is that the Christian Faith isn't true. The UFO Phenomenon has to be a satanic deception for what is reported to be happening, or the Gospel and in fact the entire Judeo-Christian theological tradition is a lie. There is no middle ground. Which do you believe?

The "Strong Delusion"

The Bible mentions one relevant thing that God will do to mankind in response to our general refusal to believe the Gospel: He will "send the strong delusion, that they should believe the lie" (II Thessalonians 2:11). In other words, as part of His judgement on mankind in the Time of the End, God allows big - time deception. UFOs appear to be part of that "strong delusion". The UFO Phenomenon is definitely a powerful thing, as any real student of the subject knows. It has had an enormous impact on the lives of many people, including, but by no means limited to people who have actually seen them. By recent surveys in the United States, better than 10% of all Americans claim to have seen a UFO at least once; and better than 50% believe in the reality of UFOs to some extent. At least several tens of thousands believe that they have been the victims of UFO abductions, and some believe they have been abducted repeatedly. Something like this is important and dangerous.

We Are Alone!

There is Biblical reason to believe that as far as flesh and blood intelligent life is concerned, we are alone in the universe. The Book of Genesis, chapters 1 & 2, emphasize the idea that the human race is a special creation of God. We are created in His image, and that is why we are as intelligent and creative as we are, and can communicate the way we do. (See the "BABEL RISING!" page.) If there is any other such life in the universe, there is not even a hint of it in the Scriptures. Of course, the Bible does affirm the existence of angelic life, and even suggests that there are different forms of it. But as far as material, intelligent life, we must conclude from the Bible that we are in fact alone.

The Decaying Universe

The Bible gives reason to believe that the entire physical universe is in a state of decay, or to use the Biblical term, corruption. (See Romans 8:19-23.) This idea happens to be in amazing agreement with modern physics. One of the most significant laws of physics is the Second Law of Thermodynamics, also known as the Law of Universal Entropy (which, by the way, is the opposite of evolution). It says that the universe is in a state of decay to the point that everything will eventually cease to exist, even without divine intervention. It has been theologically speculated that this decay is the result of sin, especially satanic sin. A widely held doctrine of Christianity is that, following the Final Judgement, the entire universe will be re-created. At that time, Satan and all other evil beings will have at least been removed from any position of spiritual influence, if not completely annihilated. If this is the end of the universe as we know it, it is also the end of life as we know it. This would include any material alien life. Why would God create alien life unless He somehow meant to include that alien life in His plan of salvation? But again, the Bible contains not the least hint of the existence of such life. Again, the "aliens" who have interacted with humans, by Christian standards, are evil. In terms of Christian cosmology, the "Alien Spaceship" explanation of UFOs is totally unacceptable. They have to be satanic.

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