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Monday, June 11, 2012

Shooting And Murder… AT FUNERAL In Atlanta!!! we bent on self destruction

These thugs are out there you all, be careful:

DeKalb County police released the names of the two men killed in Thursday’s shooting at a funeral.The double-fatal shooting happened at the Victory for the World Church on N. Hairston Road.

Delmetrius Heard, 28, of Decatur was shot twice and was killed. Carlos Henderson Jr., 19, of Ellenwood was shot four times in the chest area and was also killed.

Police believe Henderson was a friend of Ryan Guider, 19, who was the man the funeral was being held for.

According to police, Henderson got into an argument with a group of people after the funeral and then went to his vehicle to get his gun.

Heard and Henderson fired shots at each other.

Two other people were hit, but reportedly had non-life-threatening injuries.

Witnesses said that the scene following the shooting was chaotic.

“Everybody hit the ground,” said witness Craig Hodge. “People were running and hitting the ground. Everybody was screaming and hollering and just running.”

Tiana Crenshaw said she heard Heard saying, “Help.” Crenshaw said she applied pressure to Heard’s gunshot wounds.

“It’s traumatizing, but you don’t want to stop, but there’s nothing else you can do when you look at them and they’re not breathing anymore,” Crenshaw said.

Crenshaw told CBS Atlanta News she did not see the shooting and only saw people running.

DeKalb County Public Safety Director Wiz Miller told CBS Atlanta News that several people had been detained by police for questioning following the shootings. They were all later released.

DeKalb County Sheriff’s deputies said Guider was killed May 26. Investigators believe he was killed in retaliation for a burglary.

According to the sheriff’s office, Marcus D. Ventress, 28, is wanted for Guider’s killing and has not been captured.

Police initially said Ventress was in attendance at the funeral and was shot and killed in the parking lot, but later said that was not the case.

Ironically, moments before the gunfire, Pastor Dr. Kenneth Samuel had just finished delivering a eulogy about non-violence.

“It’s just sad if the shooters were at the service that they didn’t pay attention, didn’t take heed and this is the tragedy we are left with now,” Samuel said. “This tragedy is another reason why people of all faiths must come together in coalition with public safety officials and elected officials to stem the rising tide of youth violence in the African American community.”

It is unclear if any arrests will be made in the shooting.

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