The Spook Who Sat By the Door The Spook Who Sat By the Door

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I will tell you a one of a few stories I have about angels. A week before new years eve 2000 I was invited by a this girl that I had dated before. We broke up and she moved on and had a child. 3 years later she broke up with the guy and asked me to come to her New Years party. I said sure. She was a sweet girl.

The same day I was approached by a beautiful spanish girl at the a mall who then told me she has seen me here and there and would like me to come to her family's new years party. I couldnt refuse. So now being the naughty guy I was I had 2 dates for the same night. I had told the spanish girl that I had a prior engagement for 1130 that new years night so seeing both girls was doable.

Well that night I went to the spanish girl's house ( forgot her name) and ate good supper and had some wine. I dont drink at all really but did have a glass of homemade wine with meat from their farm. As the night progressed I was starting to get bored, I mean come on, I am with their whole family on new years night.

At 11pm I told her I had to go. At that moment the parents stepped in with her joining telling me I cannot leave because I had a drink. I had told them It was just one or two and it was over 1 hour ago. They refused to let me go. They said wait 1 hour and you can go.

1 slowly hour rolled by as they subconsciously trapped me in the house. I was finally allowed to leave, I thanked her and the family and told her I would call her some time. I began my 45 minute drive to my ex's party which I am sure was in full swing. It was around 1am. As I approached the highway 20kms from her place the highway was closed with police and barricades. I quickly continued without turning and headed to a friends house just a few km's away. We partied I got tired and took a couch.

The next morning while watching the news they reported that there was a New years eve murder. According to friend that was there, he said around 12 am, my ex's ex boyfriend showed up with a shot gun, kicked the door open, shot and maimed the first guy sitting next to her on couch, she got up and tried to run away and was shot in the back, someone tried to stop him and he got shot in the side, he then went outside and executed her. He then fled and went off the road as he was being pursued by police just a few hundred meters from the police barricade I saw that night.

So in short, I wouldnt say there that she was an angel tho I havent seen her again but I was without a doubt saved. There is so much happening behind the veil.

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