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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The truth about Blue Ivy, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Croatia & their idiotic fans

While the majority readers on Hollywood I. are college educated folks or folks that have some college, I do have that element of blacks (mostly gays) that thrive on being not only ignorant but blissfully ignorant…ya know the Mediatakeout and Wendy Williams crowd.

I recognize that many of the urban Negroes that come on Hollywood Illuminati are D-List No Bodies that aren’t even fit to have a VH 1 reality show.
They grasp and cling through their ghetto ceilings trying to hitch a ride on the diamond laced dress of Beyonce and Rihanna but as they go for these celebrity strolls by being dragged along on Beyonce’s coat tails, they quickly realize that they haven’t really left their room and that Beyonce doesn’t even know who the hell this person is but like Heather Headley, in their minds, they will always be her number 1 fan and indeed they think that Beyonce or Rihanna not only knows them but loves them.

This delusion leads them to come onto HollywoodIlluminatiDotCom and pretend to be online publicist and from their Walmart purchased lap top, they really do think that they are now high powered press agents, that have Jay Z on their speed dial.

These radical fans, tell themselves that they are crisis managers and HollywoodIlluminatiDotCom is a crisis that they have to manage, so they sit on the site 24 hours a day and search for ways to leave comments, that are supposedly meant to “tell me off”.

They are brain washed and under Hollywood Illuminati Mind Control and do not realize that the same six corporations (Wall St. Banks) that make money off of the ownership of musical artist are also the same corporations that run the private prisons, own 99% of all the media(online/print/on aire), drive all of the racism in the world, start all the wars, create all sorts of lab made viruses/disease and indeed their end game is a New World Order Under Satan aka The Illuminati.
(Jamie Dimon from JP Morgan Wall St Firm….the biggest Welfare Queen in America)
50 million Americans are on food stamps at a cost of 80 billion per year but one white man at JP Morgan (A Wall St Bank), Jamie Dimon, gets 78 billion per year, in the form of a corporate welfare check, just for himself and his friends! How many malnourished babies could we feed in America with that white man’s 78 billion dollar welfare check (paid by US Tax Payers), which he gets all for himself at JP Morgan, while 50 million poor Americans are left to split up 80 Billion simply not to starve?
Now everyone is saying that I was wrong about how Beyonce named her child, Blue Ivy, all due to some frivolous corporate Illuminati publications and Croatia making Blue Ivy an honorary citizen of that country due to some silly tree video.

Well first of all, I will not even get into Beyonce’s Lucifer Immaculate Conception and how that was done with a straight face by Jay Z and Beyonce.

Could I pull off a public lie for nine months, go all over the media and stare my die hard & trusting fans in the face; knowing that I was following a script written by some coked up, Starbucks drinking, cigarette chain smoking publicist? Likely not.

What blacks need to really look into is the fact that Croatia is being fined and sued for racism. In many European Countries, particularly when it comes to sporting events, there are problems with white Europeans either attacking, starting riots or chanting racist slurs at athletes of color, while at sporting events, kinda like the whites in America that would chant “Nigger” “Nigger” when Venus or Serena would play at tennis matches across the United States.

Some European countries are upset that Croatia was only fined about $100,000.00 when Croatia should have been fined about double that amount for the racism of its citizens at a recent soccer match. So, in light of Croatia now being under the spot light for getting off easy after being fined for racism, of course Croatia is hoping to stop this by looking for a high-profile nigger…any high profile nigger…..any high profile niggers will do and who comes to this racist country’s rescue? Of course some urban hip hop niggers aka Jay Z and Beyonce.

So Beyonce and Jay Z get their little lie to extend a bit longer regarding that Satanic Immaculate Conception via silly staged photos and videos by a tree that looks like it has some Ivy edited into the frame and Croatia, the racist country of nazis, gets to now walk away from their PR problems because if there is any one people that have no pride, no self-respect and no respect for the global black community, it would be the niggers from Hollywood.

So there! People can say what they want about me but I am not the one that pimps my child so that white people in Croatia can solve their racist PR problems. Don’t fuck with me because I will hurt your feelings with reality!


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