The Spook Who Sat By the Door The Spook Who Sat By the Door

Monday, July 23, 2012

False Flag Alert in Aurora : Biggest Mass Shooting in the History of the USA is not a coincidence

False Flag Alert in Aurora :
Biggest Mass Shooting in the History of the USA
MIGHT NOT be a coincidence

I think this needed its own thread

At first i didnt though much about this mass murder
a guy with mental issue that probably woreship the devil himself
and his computer is probably all 666 signs everywhere
with background picture of lucifer

all killer that shot random people like that have the same dark profile
they are very inteligent not to be caught ..with reasonable behavior
not to look like a suspect and made a plan to attack a cinema during his favorite movie
and be talked on the news for days

after i analysed all the released info of the killing ... i started connecting dots
let me think out loud here for a moment .. but i suspect a cover up / false flag
i might be wrong .. its speculations
but what if this was not a coincidence .. it seems the timing was perfect for this to happen

1) Big Public place --> Cinema = No guards

2) Gunman was covered head to toe -> witness cant confirm shooter face
the elites can now put anybody face they want on TV
and say this was the shooter (young friendly but shy neighboor
who even had a beer with a adult black guy at the bar and didnt seem at all to have mental issue
went to college with a smily friendly picture .. he didnt had the killer profile

3) Gunman came from the side exit door : That door is usualy locked for good reasons
that mean someone must have left that door unlock / opened for him

4) Movie was The Dark Knight Rise with many conspiracy surrounding it
if the elite made that movie for a purpose .. then they surely want something
someone mass murdering people during the FIRST movie release exactly after midnight
the dark knight rise will be all over the news .. and really feel like a dark knight has risen
surely far away to be a white knight

5) It would provite an excellent argument to sign the gun law
such mass shooting in a public place where he shot apx 80 people (15 killed - 71 wounded)
they say it is the biggest mass shooting event in america history
1 gunman shot apx 80 peoples .. that never happened

6) Booby trapped appartment ? how convenient
now reporters and cameras needs to be 1 km away from the appartment
they "evacuated" all surrounding building
are they scare we find that it was NOT the gunman
the swat probably needed to create themself the trip wires
and create booby traps .. and then take pictures and show it to the world
it can also serve has a false flag .. release chemical (they say the killer have some)
or a bomb that will destroy the building itself while destroying all proof
that it was not the gunman ..

7) Covered Gunman was emotionless/mindless and didnt say anything during the entire shooting
so nobody could voice identify him or even recognise the shooter eyes (had a mask)

8) The gunman had a big unsual arsenal (no civilians can have all that without even being suspected)
* .40 glock handgun
* Remington shotgun
* AR15 semi automatic (with a special designed magasine to old 100 bullets)

9) Perfect distraction for what happening in the ME ..especially with Syria and Iran

10) Name of the city is Aurora

im sure im missing a few detail
but this is what i think .. any #11 ?


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