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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Define Christianity as Hate - The New Homosexual Agenda

There is an active agenda, (Anderson Cooper off CNN being the main activist) to define Christianity as Hate speech and actually legislate the pulpit in America. Anderson is spending big money to march covert filming crews into churches across America an take film of any sermons about the biblical view of homosexuality as sin. He has gone to the airwaves asking people to act as volunteers to go into churches and send video of any preacher that dares to preach Jesus's point of view on marriage as being between one man and one woman. The attack on Chik Fil-A is a proxy attack on Jesus and the church as well.. The anti-Christian (anti- Christ) spirit of thinking is that "Nobody can tell me I'm wrong.." so I Christ must be wrong... so the church is being attacked. Look.. God is love. He doesn't hate anyone. Though my belief is that homosexuality in sinful, so are a lot of things. We as Christians can't force anyone to believe as we do, and Jesus never did that either. He just stands at the door and knocks.. All have the option to believe as they will... My belief doesn't hinder any one else's. The whole marriage rights debacle is SO SIMPLE to solve!!! Most people aer just asking the wrong question..

LEGAL rights will NEVER line up with God's will. Christians shouldn't try to pretend that they ever will... homosexuals can't tell Christians how to interpret the Bible, and Christians can't force homosexuals to believe the Bible either.. People have their own choice.

God doesn't have to get a vote from anyone to tell him what His preferences should be.. He is not waiting for "likes" on facebook.. You are either with Him or against him... But we as Chrsitians dont Hate anyone. How can we HATE what our MASTER came to forgive and lay down his life for? It would be sacrilege (I think I spelled that right..) Jesus died for the very sins of man.. I am just as guilty of that sacrifice as anyone I could ever accuse. I have made so many mistakes (as we all have) that I can't point the finger at anyone. I dont hate any one of my beautiful brothers and sisters , of any belief system. I want to display the love of Christ and use that to compel others to accept Him. But if they don't, I still Love them.. Please do not try to define Christ as hate. Its not true. He died for us.. If you don't agree with him lets at least have respect for His sacrifice..

BTW.. I am not GOP or DEM, and don't have a choice for Pres yet..


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