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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

man yall need 2 know this industry in which yall r chasing after

It seems that Wendy Williams can dish it out, but can’t take it.

The former WBLS radio personality, who catapulted her career by becoming known as the New York voice which outed countless celebrity undercover gays (Don’t believe me? Just ask Puffy.), has ordered her PR people to send out a string of Cease and Desist letters to sites (Bossip is Weak) which have exposed her very own husbands transvestite fetish.
Wendy’s PR team sent the following to Bossip:

The Chamber Group represents TV personality Wendy Williams and TV executive Kevin Hunter and are asking you and your site to please take down the disparaging and false posts regarding Kevin Hunter. There is no valid proof on any of the claims.

Out of respect for The Hunters and their family, we would appreciate pulling the disparaging post.

Williams’ decision comes shortly after her husband, Kevin Hunter, was leaked to have been involved in a slew of secret rendezvous’ with a transvestite prostitute, professionally known as Monica. The same Kevin Hunter who we have a sex tape of him romping with a hood rat groupie (thanks Necole). The same Kevin Hunter who who was accused of sexual harassment and creating a hostile workplace….. Seem like a pattern to us!

Coincidentally the transvestite, whose Eros page we choose not to reveal (but have a complete screenshot of) to avoid the impression we were trying to give fame to an undeserving party shut down all her working pages, cut-off her phones, and email accounts. Monica has vanished. Why would a random TS prostitute in Jersey pull up and disappear following the publishing of our article had she not been involved with Wendy’s husband? How would she even have known about the article we published only 12 hrs earlier?

A reader pointed out to me today that, ironically, in Wendy Williams’ autobiography she credited DJ Mister Cee (who was busted for public lewdness with a working transvestite, just last month) for initially introducing her to Kevin Hunter. I don’t know because I didn’t read that but, Birds of a feather flock together!!!

In all fairness, HSK cannot prove that Wendy was aware of this affiar until after we published it, and I am sure that Kevin Hunter is not coming clean about what is really going on.

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