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Saturday, March 3, 2012

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Effective March 1, Google will start saving/tracking your search history. This information is saved INDEFINITELY. Right now rumors are floating around that if you search for certain things (ie: government secrets, too much porn, etc) you can be labeled a “terrorist” or possibly a sex offender. And your search history can be used AGAINST you by law enforcement.

DuckDuckGo and ixquick are two PRIVATE search engines that don’t track your information or save it for later.

The s just got real..
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on March 1, 2012 at 5:53 am said:

Humpf I tell you Government is Big Brother all the way. Ain’t nothing private any more y’all I mean nothing.

Thanks for the websites CoCo:)

Yes that would be an interesting one, however it probably never will happen due to the fact that Vanity- aka- Denise Richards is an Evangelist and does not even accept royalties for her song that still plays on the air- “nasty girl”.

After the death of Whitney Houston things are so strange to me. I’m starting to believe the illuminati rumors & how it relates to celebrities. I just can’t get the image of Clive Davis & others partying while Whitney lay dead upstairs (until the party ends). Clive was suppose to be like family to her. Also the day before her death both Clive & Jennifer were giving an interview about how Jennifer reminds him of Whitney. Now we all see that Jennifer is no where near those women mentioned, however, I think they’re going to drill it in our heads. Sort of like a song we originally don’t like but the continuous air play, videos, etc. Next thing you know we be saying “girl that’s my song”. Watch what happens to Jennifer & Ray j’s career. I’m just saying.
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on February 28, 2012 at 2:12 pm said:

Ray J tweeted a pic of himself seated next to Clive during Clive’s preparations for his pre-Grammy party. Ray J indicated that he was assisting Clive with the preparations. Interesting.
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soul train
on February 28, 2012 at 6:24 pm said:

I agree Black Pearl, something ain’t right in the water. Introducing Jennifer as the new Whitney when Nippy was still alive is just plain tacky. Partying the night away with Nippy is upstairs dead is just wrong and Ray J ain’t nothing more than a parasite.
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on February 29, 2012 at 10:00 pm said:


PREACH! When Ray J had tweeted that he was helping Clive with the Grammy party, I was like WT? Clive has been hosting the Grammy party for YEARS! If Clive did need help, why in the Hell would he need help from Ray-J, of all people?

There’s a 40 second video on Youtube where Monica, Brandy, Clive are all sitting around

I think Whitney knew her time was UP and maybe she gave herself up willingly. God bless her.

tlking bout shelia e huh
Oh I read between the lines. I figure she was her partner alright but they threw in “business” to cover up

I believe that story about her and Prince were in love is just a cover. I don’t recall him show boating her around as if they were in love. I mean what reason would he keep their love a secret?
I noticed too when they were talking about Sheila finding a man, notice how she hesitates a bit then tries to play it off. Her brothers were grinning that grin you know when you lying but you don’t want anyone else to know. Why doesn’t she come out already? It’s perfectly okay to be gay now. Gay marriage, rights and the whole nine yards.
OMG Soul Train, now that is more believable. Why not just come out. She is too old to to faking the fuunk

Sheila got to be in her 50′s, she still in the closet. Prince wasn’t even on the episode backing up her fairy tale love story. Heard they played hoops together and that’s about it.

Sheila E’s Unsung was a farce. Sheila and Lynn Mabry (who was on Unsung posing as her business manager and partner) is her lover. They’ve lived together for several years. Sheila E. is a known lesbian and if you and Prince were so in love why did her marry Mayte and Manuela instead of you? Claiming Prince on national TV because it was convenient. I give you props for apologizing about being big headed because you were one of the rudest celebrities I’ve ever met. Your sister Zena and brother Peter Michael are nice and down to earth but you were a tyrant and nasty to your fans. You are talented and good looking but come one, you ain’t looking for a man and never have been. I laughed myself silly.

I just heard the other day that Whitney’s mom is how you doing and that’s why the father divorced her. If that’s the case then the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I heard that one of her Aunts who passed away not to long ago rolled that way as well and so does/did Dionne….

As for the Gospel group, I’m going to go with the Winans….can’t think of another group right now…I don’t know which one…but heard years ago that Ronald got down like that…..

Not sure about Bebe…
All kindz of scandalous s going down for all-star, a pa gonna share, ain’t nobody straight no more. Feel sorry for ma who think she tha alpha basketball wife, your pa is breeding tha gay hustlers like it ain’t no tomorrow when u ain’t around. Ma, u ain’t nothing but a beard tryin to be all stuck up and s

MJ put the mack down and told Bobby, stay away from my sister, you will never marry into this family. Heard JJ was incognito at Nippy’s funeral. Nippy always had a problem with JJ cause she knew Bobby used to sleep with her before she married Bobby. Always chilly with JJ but JJ put that aside, showed class and showed up to the funeral.

Ok now this all making sense…Bobby B?.

I wonder who the male gospel gay singer is?

Let’s see male gospel groups?

Take 6
The Winans/The Winans Phase 2

I’m missing a few other male gospel group

On the old board someone said in their city, a news report came on about one of the Winans being in trouble for messing with this underage boy and then they heard nothing else about it

ll while reading that story all I could think of is Bobbi. Where was she & who was taking care of her while her mom is locked in her room (wearing a fur coat on) getting high for days at a time. That was how Bobby’s sis described Whitney. Now this was back in 2004 so she was not even a teenager. We like to dismiss tabloid stories about our legends but now that I am re-reading the old book about Whitney, Good Girl, Bad Girl, her ex-bodyguard already told the world back in the 90′s that Whitney started lacing her weed with cocaine in 1991.

I remember reading when the Bodyguard first came out that the script had been floating around Hollywood for 15yrs. I also read that Diana & Ryan were were first offered the parts. I think Diana made many bad decisions while fooling with Berry Gordy. So did she decide the Wiz over the Bodyguard???

Atl_Finest again I’m with ya..I’m also re-reading Good Girl Bad girl and I don’t have to wonder about who hit on Bobby..a male member from a famous gospel of them Winans.

At first, I had sympathy for you but you’re nothing but a vulture, like all the others!

Are you going to tell the world how you (allegedly) infected your late love with so many (non-fatal) STD’s that she was unable to have additional children?

Are you going to admit that you are allegedly cheating on your new lady love?

Are you going to admit how you pitched your late wife to drug dealers? “Hey, if you give me a kickback or additional drugs, I will make sure she becomes your regular customer!”

You also dreamed up a (non-drug) scheme (allowing) a drug crew to extort money from her. The scheme went off without a hitch because she loved you. At the end of the day, you were paid by the drug crew.

Are you going to reveal how you sexually harassed a Michael Jackson video girl by telling her that you wanted to poke holes in her with your p*nis.

Are you going to reveal how you hung out with celebrity drug dealer Race (pronounced RA-SAY) and how you used to speed down PCH with the top down and a crack pipe in your mouth?

You and Race had a falling out. When you returned from your honeymoon, you tried to make his girlfriend your mistress.

Race said (from prison) that you are the biggest male slut he ever encountered and he doesn’t know what your then wife saw in you. He thought she was too classy and too trusting of you.

Are you going to reveal your alcoholism? It was rumored that you could finish off a case of beer in a matter of days.

Are you going to reveal how the male member of a famous gospel group made a gay pass at you and you had to be restrained from knocking him out?

Who is he?

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