The Spook Who Sat By the Door The Spook Who Sat By the Door

Sunday, March 11, 2012


When a person enters the music aspect of the entertainment industry, there are certain Secret Society Contracts that one must sign. In these Contracts, it stipulates that there are certain trade off’s that an artist must accept, in order to reach fame. Nothing is free in Hollywood. NOTHING! There are so many talented people but why do some become famous while others simply sing on youtube?


Allegedly, the outcome of black celebrities who have 'secret society files-contracts' (that they don't honor) is blackmail and/or accidental death. Nothing in life is free. You want $100 million dollars and crazy fame, allegedly, this is the price you pay if you get too big headed and refuse to honor the contract.

Allegedly, a certain celebrity tried to ignore her secret society pact. Allegedly, according to conspiracy theorists, she was set to expire (killed) before the age of 50. Death was on her.

Theory: Allegedly, she was injected with a substance in her butt, she saw the shadow of a needle when she was on her hotel room bed and got paranoid because when she turned around, no one was there.

She thought her mind was playing tricks on her. She broke out into a cold sweat, ran the water to the tub as she tried to go on the toilet, she grew weak and thought that she was coming down with a flu or virus because she was sweating so much and when she got into the tub, barely able to walk, she fainted and drowned.

Allegedly, an arrogant egotistical rapper was (allegedly) due to expire after he made negative comments about a powerful politician. An intervention was done by a top ranking (secret society colleague) and he was spared.

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