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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tyrese Takes a Jab @ Jacky!

Tyrese is putting a lot of his energy into trying to do damage control – and all of his efforts are directed at yours truly, Jacky J. Jasper.

This after HSK first told you about the cease and desist (mistakenly published originally as a TRO) Micheal Bay recently slapped on Tyrese. Now, the “Baby Boy” is calling me a liar!

Here’s what Tyrese asked the folks over at Michael Bay’s site to post:

“Tyrese is a great friend to Michael Bay, and to this web site. Tyrese is one of Michael’s best friends. They’ve gone to Floyd Mayweather fights and last Christmas Tyrese spent Christmas with Bay as a true friend. So it’s ridiculous when stories like these posted on Jacky Jasper’s web site start making the rounds, and get picked up by entertainment news outlets as legitimate stories.”

Michael Bay’s Hollywood blockbusters land the director budgets up to $200M, yet Bay’s website appears to have been designed as a student project.

Back to the Tyrese – “Charcoal Uncle Tom” Gibson, he is living proof that money isn’t everything. Know why? Because Tyrese Gibson is a millionaire, yet he serves as a slave to people like Michael Bay and Will Smith. BTW: A porn star once told me Tyrese likes to pay for anal sex. Don’t believe me.. Ask Kelly Divine.

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