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Sunday, May 20, 2012

one of the real reasons why nothing that really matters to blacks can get done naacp to busy making this a civil right issue

Race Matters: NAACP “Comes Out” For Same-Sex Marriage
NAACP Backs Gay Marriage Everybody and their mama in the black community is now coming out for gay marriage… Via CNN: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People on Saturday announced its backing of same-sex marriage, more than a week after President Barack Obama also expressed support for the issue. “The mission of the NAACP has always been to ensure political, social and economic equality of all people,” Roslyn M. Brock, chairman of the NAACP’s board of directors, said in a statement. She added: “We have and will oppose efforts to codify discrimination into law.” Following Obama’s announcement last week, speculation swirled over whether his decision would spark political backlash among some in the black evangelical community, which has traditionally been against same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, some prominent African-American religious leaders, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Joseph Lowery, praised Obama’s support for same-sex marriage last week. The NAACP in the recent past has stood in favor of gay rights issues, notably opposing Proposition 8 in California, the Defense of Marriage Act, and North Carolina’s constitutional amendment that bans marriage and domestic partnerships for same-sex couples. “Civil marriage is a civil right and a matter of civil law. The NAACP’s support for marriage equality is deeply rooted in the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution and equal protection of all people,” said the group’s president, Benjamin Todd Jealous. comments Its so sad to see some people turn their backs on God just to be loved and adored by man. I don't believe in gay marriage but I do love gay people. I don't judge them either because I'm not without sin and God says He's the only judge. I do honor my Fathers Word and the fact that he says the act is an abomination. Not the people the act. People say if you don't believe in gay marriage you're a hater. No, lying is a sin but I don't hate the liar, adultery is a sin but I don't hate the adulterer, etc... I sin and mess up but I don't hate myself but if someone asks if what I did was wrong I would say yes. Do ya feel me? People have the right to worshipp a stick, money, power, whatever just like I have the right to love honor obey and worshipp our FATHER GOD

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